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1. Daniel Hudson Burnham Daniel Hudson Burnham Portraits Caption: "Daniel Hudson Burnham, director of works of World's Columbian Exposition and author of the Chicago Plan. From portrait by Zorn, by permission of Mrs. Burnham."

2. Stephen A. Douglas Stephen A. Douglas Portraits Caption: "Stephen A. Douglas: Photograph taken during his debates with Lincoln in 1856". From text: "In Clark E. Carr's volume entitled 'Stephen A. Douglas,' the author pays this deserved tribute to the...

3. Robert Martin Douglas Robert Martin Douglas Portraits Caption: "Robert Martin Douglas: Eldest son of Stephen A. Douglas."

4. Stiles Burton Stiles Burton Merchants From text: "A resident of Chicago ere the city was incorporated and identified with its commercial interests until after the great fire, when the work of rebuilding the city was substantially completed,...

5. Maclay Hoyne States Attorney Maclay Hoyne States Attorney Lawyers Caption: "Maclay Hoyne States Attorney for the County of Cook."

6. Deacon Philo Carpenter Deacon Philo Carpenter Deacons; Abolitionists From text: "The Deacon (he was deacon emeritus in his last years) came to Chicago in 1832, and was largely instrumental in organizing the First Presbyterian Church. Later he moved to the West Side, and...

7. Rev. William Weston Patton Rev. William Weston Patton Clergy; Abolitionists From text: "Another whose work stands out conspicuously is the Rev. W. W. Patton, D.D., of the First Congregational Church. Dr. Patton was an uncompromising Abolitionist." Photograph is undated but appears...

8. George F. Root George F. Root Composers Caption: "George F. Root (Composer of "The Battle-Cry of Freedom," and Other Inspired Songs)". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1880s.

9. Frank Lumbard, Tenor Frank Lumbard, Tenor Singers Caption: "Frank Lumbard, Tenor (Chicago's Famous Singers of War-time Lyrics)". (Shown on page with his brother, Jules Lumbard.) Image is undated and appears to be an enhanced photograph.

10. Jules G. Lumbard, Basso Jules G. Lumbard, Basso Singers Caption: "Jules G. Lumbard, Basso (Chicago's Famous Singers of War-time Lyrics)." (Shown on page with his brother, Frank Lumbard.) Image is undated and appears to be an enhanced photograph.

11. John Wentworth John Wentworth Mayors Caption: "Long John" Wentworth (Chicago's Giant Mayor)". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.

12. William B. Ogden William B. Ogden Mayors Caption: "William B. Ogden (Chicago's First Mayor, and "Biggest All-round Man in the Northwest")". Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.

13. Rev. William W. Everts Rev. William W. Everts Clergy; Preachers From text: "The Rev. W. W. Everts, D.D., of the First Baptist Church, was another who could always be depended on to strike straight from the shoulder. He left Louisville, Ky., in 1859, because of his...

14. Rev. W. H. Ryder Rev. W. H. Ryder Clergy From text: "Rev. W. H. Ryder, D.D., of St. Paul's Universalist Church, was a frequent speaker at Union meetings. Next to Chapin he was regarded as the most gifted minister in his denomination in the country…...

15. Rev. Robert Collyer Rev. Robert Collyer Clergy; Abolitionists From text: "Quite a few interesting legends have grown up around this brainy and muscular Christian… he preached from the text, 'He that has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.'"

16. Rev. Dennis Dunne Rev. Dennis Dunne Clergy Caption: "Rt. Rev. Dennis Dunne By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". From text: "As a class the Catholic clergy were not noted for their support of the war, and for that reason the unqualified...

17. Rev. Robert H. Clarkson Rev. Robert H. Clarkson Clergy Caption: "Rev. Robert H. Clarkson By Courtesy of 'The Churchman'. From text: "Deserving of a grateful remembrance as are all these, I feel like giving first place to Dr. Robert H. Clarkson, of St. James's...

18. Rev. O. H. Tiffany Rev. O. H. Tiffany Clergy From text: "For the Methodists, Drs. T. M. Eddy and O. H. Tiffany stood out conspicuously. Dr. Eddy was a trenchant, forceful speaker, while Dr. Tiffany joined to a high intellectuality a gift of oratory...

19. William Hale Thompson, Mayor William Hale Thompson, Mayor Mayors Quotation below: "Let us turn our eyes to the future, with a determination to solve every question of reconstruction and to meet all problems of future progress of our beloved city, in that spirit of loyalty...

20. Levi D. Boone Levi D. Boone Doctors; Military officers; Mayors From text: "Other notables of the "Old Guard" who arrived in the thirties, and were for the most part in hale and hearty middle life, were … Levi D. Boone (a stalwart Know-nothing)…" Levi D. Boone...
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