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1. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Aestesian Literary Society (Cornell College) Woman in Renaissance gown reads a book outdoors.

2. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Miltonian Literary Society (Cornell College) Library building; at bottom, open book with motto, oil lamp, scales, seal

3. University of California, Berkeley. Library. University of California, Berkeley. Library. Hallidie, Andrew Smith, 1836-1900 [sic] Black ink on beige paper. Street cars and elevated cable cars; trees with exposed roots on either side.

4. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope describes his bookplate thus: "My book plate was designed by Jay Chambers of New York, and shows a standing figure of a gentle-man of the 1830 period, reading at a high table. He is perusing a large...

5. Jaensch, Emil; Jaensch, Helene Jaensch, Emil; Jaensch, Helene Bearded man reading at lectern; globe; owl; shield with woman holding spade

6. Ellis, Frederick Warren Ellis, Frederick Warren Olive-crowned woman holds oil lamp.

7. Longyear, John Munro, 1850-1922 Longyear, John Munro, 1850-1922 Tall tree on slope

8. Garvan, Edward Joseph Garvan, Edward Joseph Printed in black and orange. Pegasus with rider holding spear against orange circle. Above, a desk with quill, horn, hourglass, owl, etc.; cipher: Y94, oil lamp. Below, as crest, hand with bloody dagger....

9. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Study desk with open books, ink pot and quills, papers, etc. beside window looking out on city; bookshelf, chair, books on floor. Architectural frame with putti

10. Dore, Robert F. Dore, Robert F. Open book propped up against open door

11. Lord, Robert Howard Lord, Robert Howard Man dressed for winter walk, carrying candelabrum [?] stands before a wall or fence with arrow embedded in it: text of this bookplate upon the wall.

12. Eisler, M. Joseph Eisler, M. Joseph Elegant woman rests one hand on volume by Zola, holds flower in other hand

13. Crow, Maurice and Edna Crow, Maurice and Edna Black ink on cream paper. A crow is perched on a stack of four books resting on a large open book. There are decorative interconnecting lines around the bookplate that emanate from a lit candle located...

14. Boston Public Library. Boston Public Library. Billings, Robert Charles, 1819-1899. Portrait of Robert Charles Billings on mantel with oil-burning lamp, paper, pot of ink and feather pen.

15. University Club (Denver, Colo.) University Club (Denver, Colo.) Two men in high-backed seats are partially seen reading before fireplace

16. Loomis, John True Loomis, John True Arched window with open book, loaf of bread and jug on sill; tree outside; frame supported by caryatid with baskets of flowers on their heads

17. Keber, John B. Keber, John B. A view of a small town in a spherical frame of keys and chestnuts (?), open book with "Ex Libris" and caduceus at top; anvil with composing stick (?); loom

18. Amherst College. Library Amherst College. Library Socrates; Tyler, W. S. (William Seymour), 1810-1897 Bust of Socrates

19. Shepard, Homer Shepard, Homer Ram's head; books (authors' names legible on some spines, incl. Pope; Dickens Bleak House; Shakes[peare])

20. Worman, Dorothea A. Worman, Dorothea A. Little girl stretches to retrieve book from top shelf of a bookcase.
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