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Loeb, Solomon, D. 1903 (1)

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1. New York University. Libraries. New York University. Libraries. Loeb, Solomon, d. 1903 Text in oval frame above shelf with books and scientific equipment

2. Wakefield, Paul Wakefield, Paul Woman looking over her shoulder. Chinese characters representing Wakefield's name included in design.

3. Sambale, Fritz Sambale, Fritz Stylized house, trees and sun.

4. Old Northwest Genealogical Society Old Northwest Genealogical Society On embroidered card, portrait of patriot above and roundel with river scene and motto: Meliorem lapsa locavit.

5. Mestres, Ferran Mestres, Ferran Half-naked man holding flaming torch leans on shield showing Gutenberg's press. Text in Catalan.

6. Thorpe, Alexander Thorpe, Alexander Interior with bookshelf, helmet, tea pot, clock, suit of armor, potted plant, chair, violin.

7. Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge Image of The Old Linen Hall Library

8. Harper, Henry Howard, 1871- Harper, Henry Howard, 1871- Balance scale, with open book outweighing crown.

9. Barabás, Atala. Barabás, Atala. Man's head and shoulders on books lying sideways, on heir spines the bookplate text.

10. Seymour, Randolph B. Seymour, Randolph B. Head of man with cowl.

11. Loewy Loewy Book pierced by a padlock.

12. Ayres, Harry Morgan, 1881-1948. Ayres, Harry Morgan, 1881-1948. Renaissance youth on stool, reading a book with Greek word, beside arched doorway, on either side of which are shelves of books; a huge candlestick behind him. Illegible artist's initials and date: '04[?],...

13. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Stars and Milky Way; Seal with stars and motto: Mens ager noster 1876.

14. Galiay, Josephus Galiay, Josephus On dark red paper, a classical figure crowned with a wreath

15. Freudenthal, Maude H.; Freudenthal, George S. Freudenthal, Maude H.; Freudenthal, George S. open book and oil lamp in frame with quatrefoil flowers

16. Swarts, Charles I. Swarts, Charles I. Golfer, signet ring, books

17. Hase, Ernst Hase, Ernst Naked woman with extremely long hair, standing in flowers by a pond and the sun shining behind her.

18. Hase, Ernst Hase, Ernst Woodland scene with lake

19. Poirier, Philip Azarie. Poirier, Philip Azarie. Cowboy wearing large-brimmed hat, bandana, holster and red shirt holds hand gun in outstretched arm. Artist's initial: N~

20. Hay, Arthur Hay, Arthur Architectural landscape: stairs leading up to fountain, with temple in background.
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