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1. Sierra Leone Sowei Helmet Mask Sierra Leone Sowei Helmet Mask Sierra Leone; Africa; Ritual objects; Masks; Mende culture; Sande society; Helmets Dark wooden carved helmet mask with long braids of human hair attached with string to holes along the lower edge. A small, diamond-shaped face with almond-shaped eyes is carved in relatively low relief...

2. Nigerian Drum Nigerian Drum Nigeria; Africa; Sculptures; Musical instruments Carved wooden male figure kneels on short disk and supports a cylindrical hollow drum on his head and hands. Large eyes, a wide nose and closed mouth are carved on the face. The figure wears a simple loincloth....

3. Nigerian Ibeji Twin Figure Nigerian Ibeji Twin Figure Nigeria; Africa; Ritual objects; Sculptures; Figures A carved wooden male standing figure with short round base. The head is pointed with coiffure, scarification and facial features carved in low relief. The body is crudely articulated, probably because...

4. Nigerian Cap Mask Nigerian Cap Mask Africa; Masks; Ritual objects; Nigeria; Dancers This wooden mask is hollow and made to set atop a dancer's head. The face has almond-shaped eyes with round holes cut through the middle; a wide, flattened nose, a closed mouth with full lips; almond-shaped...
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