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1. Typewriter Typewriter Typewriters; Women; Royal; Office workers; Typewriter. Royal 10. Royal Typewriter, Co. New York, 1922. Black body trimmed in gold. Keyboard has 47 metal keys with white faces and black printing. The curved front of the carriage is printed with...

2. Planter, Hand Planter, Hand Farming; Farmers; Appliances; Corn; Agriculture; Illinois; 1. Homemade corn planter, painted blue. No distinguishing marks. Has handle, seed hopper and hand-lever. 2. Wooden planter. Long square body, flat on one side and tapers to a blunt point on the front....

3. Print, Card Print, Card Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875; Politics & Government; Civil War; 3.75" x 2.325" political card with Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson on the front. From an engraving, fine detail. On the reverse in ink is written "Mr. E.A. Shult" and "Published by Golden and Sammons,...

4. Box, Ballot Box, Ballot Ballot boxes; Voting; Politics & Government; Hensley Township, Illinois; Economic & political systems; Wooden ballot box with a padlock and keys. One single wire and wooden handle on the front of the box. Slot cut in top of the box for a handle. 20.75" high.

5. Stove, Parlor Stove, Parlor Stoves; Pioneers; Parlors; Cast ironwork; HVAC systems; Temperature; Houses Black painted vast iron parlor stove with claw feet. Empire style. Retangular belly with two hinged doors in the front. Two square pillars up the sides with a rectangular top and ornate crown piece. Raised...
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