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1. Crosby's Opera House Crosby's Opera House Opera Houses; Reunions Caption: "The Grand Army Reunion of 1868 at Crosby's Opera House Lt.-Gen. Sherman Delivering Address of Welcome (This Building then Ranked as "the Most Imposing Art Temple of the Country")"

2. Courtyard of Hull House Courtyard of Hull House Settlement houses Caption: "The Courtyard of Hull House."

3. Rest Cottage Rest Cottage Houses Caption: "Rest Cottage, Evanston: W.C.T.U. Headquarters, former home of Miss Willard." From text: "Her home in Evanston is known as 'Rest Cottage,' where she spent many years of her life, though in the...

4. Suburb of Auburn Park Suburb of Auburn Park Houses; Housing developments Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Suburb of Auburn Park--Wright, North from 77th St. [See "Outlying Chicago."]". From text: ""Well understanding that no locality can be uniformly improved...

5. Branch Settlement House Branch Settlement House Kindergartens; Settlement houses Caption: "Branch Settlement House near Old Commons." From text: "The appeal of the child life of the traffic crowded streets and ill equipped homes, won the first response from our hearts and home. There...

6. The Textile Room The Textile Room Settlement houses; Galleries & museums Caption: "The Textile Room." From text: "The [Hull House Labor] Museum was opened in November, 1900, and from the first, five departments were planned, though, owing to lack of space and equipment, only...

7. Two spinning methods Two spinning methods Settlement houses; Galleries & museums Caption: "Two methods of Syrian spinning and European wheel." From text: "The spinning was illustrated by Italians, Greeks, Russians and Syrians, who spun with a distaff for holding the flax, and a spindle...

8. Colonial loom Colonial loom Settlement houses; Galleries & museums From text: "The old Colonial loom of which the museum contains two specimens, was fast in comparison with the more primitive looms, but slow when compared with the youngest of all, the power loom."

9. Registration for Municipal Lodging House Registration for Municipal Lodging House Lodging houses From text: "Municipal Lodging House in Action. Every evening at 12 South Jefferson Street for the past eight months from 10 to 140 hungry and homeless men have stood up for registration. The police officer...

10. Compulsory bath Compulsory bath Lodging houses From text: "Next in order is the bath. This is administered in an open, well-lighted room, 18 x 24 feet, containing eight hot and cold water showers, strong soap, brushes and towels without stint. Should...

11. Medical examination Medical examination Lodging houses From text: "Putting on a pair of carpet slippers, and arrayed in that informal fashion which prevailed in Eden before the fall, he presents himself to the skilled and keen discernment of the examining...

12. Residence of C. C. Linthicum Residence of C. C. Linthicum Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. C. C. Linthicum 1315 Forest Ave., Evanston, Ill."

13. Residence of E. L. Fowler Residence of E. L. Fowler Houses; Photographic studios Caption: "Residence and studio of Mr. E. L. Fowler 1641 Orrington Ave., Evanston, Ill."

14. Residence of E. H. Stafford Residence of E. H. Stafford Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. E. H. Stafford 911 Sheridan Road, Wilmette, Ill."

15. Residence of Henry W. Schultz Residence of Henry W. Schultz Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Henry W. Schultz Kenilworth, Ill." Designed by architect George W. Maher and completed in 1909.

16. Residence of Paul Schulze Residence of Paul Schulze Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Paul Schulze Melrose Ave., Kenilworth, Ill."

17. Residence of Franklin Rudolph Residence of Franklin Rudolph Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Franklin Rudolph 745 Sheridan Road, Winnetka, Ill."

18. Residence of Harry Rubens Residence of Harry Rubens Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Harry Rubens Glencoe, Ill."

19. Residence of Frederick Morgan Steele Residence of Frederick Morgan Steele Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Frederick Morgan Steele 581 Sheridan Road, N. E., Highland Park, Ill."

20. Mahlon D. Ogden property Mahlon D. Ogden property Houses Caption: "The Mahlon D. Ogden Property By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Image is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.
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