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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Delano de Lannoy, Mortimer, 1869-1920 Delano de Lannoy, Mortimer, 1869-1920 Owner has his genealogy plotted out on the left and right side of the book plate; contains one large central coat of arms (escutcheon, helm, mantling, crown, crest, supporters), 11 escutcheons, 2 penants;...

2. Wolbrandt, Carl Wolbrandt, Carl Printed in red on blue paper. Under 3 Jewish [?] stars, owner's monogram ('CW'--this also appears at bottom of plate) between two monumental urns with flowers. Rain falling.

3. Brainerd, Ella Williams Owsley, 1840-1928 Brainerd, Ella Williams Owsley, 1840-1928 Woman in gown, wearing garland, holding sprig, in rolling landscape; Coat of arms. Motto on banner: Antiquus restituatur honor (Ancient honor restored)

4. Balassa, Adalbert, Jr. Balassa, Adalbert, Jr. One woman stands, one woman sits among objects: a lute, books, an artist's palette, scrolls, a magnifying glass, an hourglass; in the center, an escutcheon with eagle displayed.

5. University of Wisconsin. Libraries. University of Wisconsin. Libraries. Adams, Charles Kendall, 1835-1902 Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Azure (blue), five mullets (stars) or on a cross gules (red). Crest: a lion rampant gules arising from a coronet or. Motto: Sub cruce salus (Salvation under the cross).

6. Mercier, J. B. Mercier, J. B. Village in countryside, sun rising; above, left, small escutcheon parted per fess wavy, or; upper field gules charged with a lozenge or; lower field azure, charged with a crescent or. Open book displays...

7. White, Esther Griffin White, Esther Griffin Within large central letter 'G', a woman reading sits on a chair or stool reading, shelf of books on wall. Numbers forming date, '1902', in corners.

8. Sens, Georges Sens, Georges Monogram or scrollwork design.

9. Knight, D. Allen Knight, D. Allen Page draws back curtain so that a knight in full armor may enter a library;

10. University Club of Chicago University Club of Chicago Oval containg owl perched on scroll, banner with motto: Ubique almam matrem memento (Remember your alma mater everywhere)

11. Broadley, A. M. Broadley, A. M. Domestic interior with walls lined with bookshelves, books on table; desk

12. Hall, Robert Hall, Robert Interior with wall of books, large reading table with books (including open illuminated manuscript, chairs; large window looking out onto building with spire tower.

13. Anderle, Franc Anderle, Franc Gold ink on beige paper. Contains 4-bar musical score above an image of a river valley, a bridge, and a telescope.

14. Mount Vernon Seminary Mount Vernon Seminary Black ink on beige paper. Seminary insignia at top left: monogram on Chippendale shield with motto. Scene of fireplace with vase on mantel, empty chairs. The open book at bottom left contains the designer's...

15. Smith, Adelaide M. Smith, Adelaide M. Owner's initials written as a cipher; mask, books

16. Elliot, Frank M. Elliot, Frank M. Tree; roots and branches extending beyond oval frame of beads or pearls.

17. Lamprecht, Theodore H. Lamprecht, Theodore H. A man in a library is reading a book with his chin resting on right hand. Owl watches from bookshelf

18. Nelson, Carrie; Black, Samuel L. Nelson, Carrie; Black, Samuel L. Three children of various ages examine books on a table, books scattered on floor. Artist's cipher on open book: MS

19. Gridley, Martin Medbery; Gridley, Ruth Farwell Gridley, Martin Medbery; Gridley, Ruth Farwell A man in legal robe and wig reads a large book; sea and ship visible through open window; escutcheon with initials "CR" below

20. Hamlin, Frank Hamlin, Frank Contains image of owner against large confer
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