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1. Hawkeye turns on the Torturer Hawkeye turns on the Torturer Cartoons (Commentary) " The skunk hurled the tomahawk with deadly malignity at the intended victim, who stood like a statue amid the taunts, menaces, and the shower of deadly weapons of the howling savages. Suddenly Hawkeye...

2. Balfour's Bravos Balfour's Bravos Cartoons (Commentary) "I do not come here to preach any doctrines of passive obedience or non-resistance. You have had to fight for your liberty before."- Mr. Balfour to the Orange men in the Ulster Hall, Belfast, April 4th,...

3. For shame! For shame! Cartoons (Commentary) "Come Johnny, no more sulking, go and shake hands with Justin, or I shall be very angry. See those boys on the other side laughing at you both. For Shame!!!

4. Two Grand Performances Two Grand Performances Posters; Theatrical posters; Theater programs

5. On Guard! On Guard! Cartoons (Commentary)

6. Dignity and Impudence Dignity and Impudence Cartoons (Commentary) IMPUDENCE: - "Bow Wow! Wow! Come on and I'll fight you." DIGNITY:-"Certainly , when you have submitted yourself to the judgment of, and have gone to your constituents."

7. The Only Show in the Fair The Only Show in the Fair Cartoons (Commentary) GRAND OLD MAN: -"Look here Pat, just look into my show, I am sure it will delight you, I know your sense of National Humour is easily tickled. Just leave your Stick outside and you need not pay anything....

8. 'The Labourer is Worthy of His Hire.' 'The Labourer is Worthy of His Hire.' Cartoons (Commentary) ERIN- " Mr. Parnell, you have toiled long and unwearyingly for me, and have gained me many benefits. Pray, do not refuse a token of my gratitude through it is a thousand times less than your services and...

9. Come On!!! Come On!!! Cartoons (Commentary) Tenant Farmer.-"So you are going to destroy us all with that little switch of yours and your money bags- Why, man, Mr. Parnell has given me this bit of a stick just to argue the question with you." Smith...

10. Goading Him Goading Him Cartoons (Commentary) Pat Murphy- "Get away, can’t ye, and leave me in peace. If there is'nt (sic) a row it won't be your fault; but I'm determined to keep the law in spite of ye." Soldier and Policeman- "Don't blame us if...

11. The Irish Revival The Irish Revival Cartoons (Commentary) The Harp that once on Tara's walls/ In silence hung so long,/ Again its ancient soul recalls/ And fills the land with song.

12. Rejoice, Oh! Greatly Rejoice, Oh! Greatly Cartoons (Commentary) Erin having deposited her Decoration at the Shrine of "LOYALTY" retires (on invitation) to an Imperial Institute to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

13. 'To Buy or Not to Buy'--That is the Question (of the Day) 'To Buy or Not to Buy'--That is the Question (of the Day) Cartoons (Commentary) Erin.- "Well if my Countrymen and Countrywomen persist in spending their money on rubbish at those Foreign shops, and won't buy their own splendid goods I will have to put up the National shutters, and...

14. The Emerald Isle The Emerald Isle Cartoons (Commentary) "Bounteous Nature loves all lands, beauty wanders everywhere, Footprints leaves on many strands; but her home is surely there, Heavens reflex. Killarney."
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