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1. To The Rescue! To The Rescue! Cartoons (Commentary) THE CHIEF- "Come one, Come All, this rock shall fly from its firm base as soon as I."

2. For shame! For shame! Cartoons (Commentary) "Come Johnny, no more sulking, go and shake hands with Justin, or I shall be very angry. See those boys on the other side laughing at you both. For Shame!!!

3. Dignity and Impudence Dignity and Impudence Cartoons (Commentary) IMPUDENCE: - "Bow Wow! Wow! Come on and I'll fight you." DIGNITY:-"Certainly , when you have submitted yourself to the judgment of, and have gone to your constituents."

4. The Only Show in the Fair The Only Show in the Fair Cartoons (Commentary) GRAND OLD MAN: -"Look here Pat, just look into my show, I am sure it will delight you, I know your sense of National Humour is easily tickled. Just leave your Stick outside and you need not pay anything....

5. Hide And Seek Hide And Seek Cartoons (Commentary) C.S. Parnell.- "Ha! So you are trying to sculk away. Come out into the open and fight a fair fight." Attorney General Webster- "I thought we should frighten him with our Bounce." Walter of the "Times."-...

6. Love's Device Love's Device Cartoons (Commentary) Miss Tipperary.- "Charlie darling, you know I did not intend to annoy you, sure I only wanted to make you come and see me." Charlie- " I know that my Dearest Colleen is as true to me as I am to her, but...

7. The New 'National' School The New 'National' School Cartoons (Commentary) THE MASTER- "If ye come back from Carlow without bringin' another boy, I'll birch every mother's son of ye." LITTLE JUSTIN-"We'll do our endayvour, sir."

8. Come On!!! Come On!!! Cartoons (Commentary) Tenant Farmer.-"So you are going to destroy us all with that little switch of yours and your money bags- Why, man, Mr. Parnell has given me this bit of a stick just to argue the question with you." Smith...

9. Balfour's Bravos Balfour's Bravos Cartoons (Commentary) "I do not come here to preach any doctrines of passive obedience or non-resistance. You have had to fight for your liberty before."- Mr. Balfour to the Orange men in the Ulster Hall, Belfast, April 4th,...

10. Orange 'Loyalty'!!! Orange 'Loyalty'!!! Cartoons (Commentary) His Ex.- "But you should remember that I represent the Queen, her Crown and Dignity, and all that sort of thing, which I was led to believe you respected." Orangeman- " I respect nothing that does not...

11. Come Back to Erin Come Back to Erin Cartoons (Commentary) Tourist- "Oh! the sight entrancing."

12. 'Our Leader Still!' 'Our Leader Still!' Cartoons (Commentary); Horses; Warriors; Independence "The most degraded, and the most dangerous Ruffian in Europe" Irishmen are advised to retain this Cartoon in order that they may be constantly reminded of what they might come to.
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