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1. Our 'Model' Our 'Model' Cartoons (Commentary) His Sword are we, He strikes the blow,He leads us onward to slay the fou (sic) / His voice is our battle cry/ And our bugle call/ From among the dead, where (missing text)/ He standeth tall.

2. Goading Him Goading Him Cartoons (Commentary) Pat Murphy- "Get away, can’t ye, and leave me in peace. If there is'nt (sic) a row it won't be your fault; but I'm determined to keep the law in spite of ye." Soldier and Policeman- "Don't blame us if...

3. 'Loaded with Infamy' 'Loaded with Infamy' Cartoons (Commentary) Macduff (C.S. Parnell)- "Gentle Heaven/ Cut short all intermission; front to front/ Bring though my vile traducer and myself,/ Within my sword's length set him; if he 'scape,/ Heaven forgive him too."...

4. Hide And Seek Hide And Seek Cartoons (Commentary) C.S. Parnell.- "Ha! So you are trying to sculk away. Come out into the open and fight a fair fight." Attorney General Webster- "I thought we should frighten him with our Bounce." Walter of the "Times."-...

5. The Idle and the Industrious Boys The Idle and the Industrious Boys Cartoons (Commentary) CHARLIE, the leader of the Natinal form- "Look here, boys. Those boards you are carrying are very good to make steps with, but they must lead up to this one, which is the main plank in our Structure. "...

6. The New 'National' School The New 'National' School Cartoons (Commentary) THE MASTER- "If ye come back from Carlow without bringin' another boy, I'll birch every mother's son of ye." LITTLE JUSTIN-"We'll do our endayvour, sir."

7. Orange 'Loyalty'!!! Orange 'Loyalty'!!! Cartoons (Commentary) His Ex.- "But you should remember that I represent the Queen, her Crown and Dignity, and all that sort of thing, which I was led to believe you respected." Orangeman- " I respect nothing that does not...

8. Irish for the Irish Irish for the Irish Cartoons (Commentary) PAT, to English Commercial Traveller.- "You may take those home with you; we are going to buy our own goods, made in Ireland, for the future."

9. 'Our Leader Still!' 'Our Leader Still!' Cartoons (Commentary); Horses; Warriors; Independence "The most degraded, and the most dangerous Ruffian in Europe" Irishmen are advised to retain this Cartoon in order that they may be constantly reminded of what they might come to.
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