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 Image: Title: Subject: Description:

1. Michael J. Schaack Michael J. Schaack Police Frontispiece, illustrating the book's author "Michael J. Schaack, Captain of Police."

2. Edward J. Kelly Edward J. Kelly Mayors From text: "Edward J. Kelly World's Fair Mayor[.] Chicago's second World's Fair came near starting as the first one had ended--without a mayor… On April 14, 1933, Edward Joseph Kelly, president of the...

3. Bion J. Arnold Bion J. Arnold Engineers From text: "Following the recommendation of the Committee on Local Transportation, the City Council, on the 26th of May, 1902, authorized the Mayor and City Comptroller to execute a contract with Bion...

4. Bernard J. Mullaney Bernard J. Mullaney Government employees Bernard J. Mullaney was secretary to the mayor.

5. Harry J. Powers Harry J. Powers Theaters Caption: "Harry J. Powers, One of the Theater Managers Arrested for Manslaughter."

6. Residence of Lincoln J. Carter Residence of Lincoln J. Carter Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Lincoln J. Carter. 5522 Sheridan Road, Edgewater."

7. Residence of Seymour J. Thurber Residence of Seymour J. Thurber Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Seymour J. Thurber. 1444 Estes Ave., Rogers Park."

8. The death of Marquette The death of Marquette Death & burial; Missionaries; Explorers Book frontispiece. Caption from list of illustrations: "The death of Marquette. From drawing for mosaic, Marquette Building, Chicago, by J. A. Holzer." From text: "At the mouth of Pere Marquette River,...

9. Residence of J. C. Haegele Residence of J. C. Haegele Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. J. C. Haegele 7230 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"

10. Col. Benjamin J. Sweet Col. Benjamin J. Sweet Military officers Caption: "Col. (later Gen.) Benjamin J. Sweet (Commander at Camp Douglas; Pension Agent after the War) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Photograph is undated, but appears to be from the...

11. Hoyne and Lavin questioning Perry Hoyne and Lavin questioning Perry Lawyers Caption: "State's Attorney Maclay Hoyne, (at left) and Capt. Patrick J. Lavin (at right) questioning James Perry, one of the 'Teddy' Webb gang of auto bandits that, in 1912, terrorized the city."

12. Porch figures on Dewes House Porch figures on Dewes House Houses Caption: "Stone figures support the porch of a home built in 1896 for Chicago brewer Francis J. Dewes. Located on Wrightwood and Hampden Court, it now houses the Swedish Engineers Society."

13. Comiskey and White Sox spring training train Comiskey and White Sox spring training train Baseball; Railroads Caption: "Charles A. Comiskey has the distinction of being the first club-owner to use special trains to carry his players across the country. In this wintry picture, "Commy" is shown standing in the snow...

14. Battle-Cry of Freedom Battle-Cry of Freedom Sheet music covers Caption: "Cover of "The Battle-Cry of Freedom" (Written by George F. Root at the Time of Lincoln's Second Call for Troops; First Sung by Frank and Jules Lumbard in Court House Square, Chicago) By Courtesy...

15. John V. Farwell John V. Farwell Business people From text: "Among somewhat later arrivals (the men of the [eighteen-]forties) … were … J. V. Farwell …" Regarding his support of Rev. Dwight L. Moody: "It seemed as if in the beginning only one among...

16. C. A. Coey and Charles Bonaparte C. A. Coey and Charles Bonaparte Lawyers; Cabinet officers Caption: "At the left--C. A. Coey, next to him--Charles Bonaparte, grandson of the late Napoleon the Great." Note: Charles Joseph Bonaparte was in fact a grand nephew of Napoleon 1.

17. Anton J. Cermak Anton J. Cermak Mayors From text: "Cermak Was Elected World's Fair Mayor[.] 'I'm glad it was me instead of you.' Thus spoke the man that had been chosen to be Mayor of the city of Chicago during A Century of Progress Exposition...

18. Father Jacques Marquette Father Jacques Marquette Priests; Explorers Caption: "Father Jaques (sic) Marquette, S. J."

19. Group of revenue assessors Group of revenue assessors Schools; Municipal officials Caption: ""A. C. Hesing, Martin Kimbell, Fred H. Rolschausen, H. W. Scoville, Reuben Taylor, George Dunlap, John Forsyth, W. R. H. Gray, J. C. Brown, George H. Anderson, Chester L. Root, Peter Page, C....

20. Inter-Ocean Building Inter-Ocean Building Newspapers Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Inter-Ocean Building, Madison and Dearborn Sts. [See "Newspapers."]. From text: "In 1861 the late James W. Shehan founded the Morning Post. In 1865...
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