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1. Rev. Dwight L. Moody Rev. Dwight L. Moody Clergy Dwight L. Moody was an evangelist and revivalist, and founded the Chicago (Moody) Bible Institute, ""one of the most successful world centers for missionary training."" Source: Encyclopedia of Chicago....

2. Walter L. Fisher Walter L. Fisher Lawyers From text: " … and Walter L. Fisher, special traction counsel, who reduced to concrete form the suggestions of former years and in conjunction with Mayor Dunne and the Local Transportation Committee...

3. Residence of E. L. Fowler Residence of E. L. Fowler Houses; Photographic studios Caption: "Residence and studio of Mr. E. L. Fowler 1641 Orrington Ave., Evanston, Ill."

4. Residence of Verne L. Brado Residence of Verne L. Brado Houses Caption: "Residence of Mr. Verne L. Brado 7320 Sheridan Road, Birchwood"

5. Col. John L. Hancock Col. John L. Hancock Military officers

6. John V. Farwell John V. Farwell Business people From text: "Among somewhat later arrivals (the men of the [eighteen-]forties) … were … J. V. Farwell …" Regarding his support of Rev. Dwight L. Moody: "It seemed as if in the beginning only one among...

7. Siegel, Cooper & Company Siegel, Cooper & Company Department stores Caption: "This is another of the mammoth department stores of Chicago; universally known as "The Big Store." Almost every commodity of commerce ranging from soap to diamonds is sold over the counters of...

8. Michael J. Schaack Michael J. Schaack Police Frontispiece, illustrating the book's author "Michael J. Schaack, Captain of Police."

9. Smaller freight tunnel Smaller freight tunnel Tunnels; Railroads Caption: "A typical view in the smaller sized portion of the tunne.l"

10. Marine Company building Marine Company building Banks The Marine Company of Chicago, a bank and foreign exchange dealer, was located at the corner of LaSalle and Lake streets.

11. Group of revenue assessors Group of revenue assessors Schools; Municipal officials Caption: ""A. C. Hesing, Martin Kimbell, Fred H. Rolschausen, H. W. Scoville, Reuben Taylor, George Dunlap, John Forsyth, W. R. H. Gray, J. C. Brown, George H. Anderson, Chester L. Root, Peter Page, C....

12. Lewis L. Coburn Lewis L. Coburn Lawyers From text: "Lewis Larned Coburn was Chicago's pioneer patent lawyer and as a representative of the department of his profession in which he specialized he won national reputation, his ability placing him...

13. Business office in Tacoma Building Business office in Tacoma Building Office buildings; Office workers; Insurance companies Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Business Office, New York Mutual Life Insurance Co., Tacoma Bldg [Charles H. Ferguson, Agent.]". From text: ""Elsewhere is presented in this volume...

14. Board of directors Board of directors Railroads; Factories; Business people Caption: "Board of Directors: E. L. Adreon, John P. Ahrens, Jesse A. Baldwin, E. B. Leigh, F. P. Hays, C. S. Gleed, Albert Blair".

15. Union Defense Committee of Chicago Union Defense Committee of Chicago Military organizations Caption: "The Union Defense Committee, Organized in 1861 (Through this Representative Body of Chicago Citizens the First Regiments were Placed in the Field, Civilians Organized, and Chicago's Reputation...
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