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1. Post Office Post Office Post offices Caption: "The Post Office The new Post Office Building, one of the most magnificent postal structures in the United States, is located in a square formed by Adams, Clark and Dearborn streets and Jackson...

2. Post Office pneumatic tube system Post Office pneumatic tube system Post offices; Pneumatic tubes Caption: "End of the big pneumatic tube system in the basement of the Chicago Post Office." From text: "The underground pneumatic tube system is the largest of the kind in the world. There are three double-tube...

3. Post office overhead carrier system Post office overhead carrier system Post offices Caption: "Overhead carrier system in the post-office, similar to cash carriers used in stores."

4. Underground tunnel railway Underground tunnel railway Post offices Caption: "The first mail arriving at the Post Office station of the Chicago subway or underground railroad, March 10, 1903."

5. New post office site New post office site Post offices Caption: "Chicago's recommended new post office site, new Union Terminal to the left, Northwestern Depot to the right. The Chicago Plan Commission has not recommended a type for the new Chicago postal...

6. Federal Building Federal Building Post offices; Government facilities From text: "The Federal Building, at Clark, Adams, Dearborn, and Jackson, is a massive eight-story structure, in Roman Corinthian style, of granite, surmounted by a majestic dome 297 feet high; it contains...

7. Railway post office Railway post office Railroad mail service Caption: "The "R. P. O."--The Railway Post Office"

8. Inter-Ocean Building Inter-Ocean Building Newspapers Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] The Inter-Ocean Building, Madison and Dearborn Sts. [See "Newspapers."]. From text: "In 1861 the late James W. Shehan founded the Morning Post. In 1865...

9. Jackson Boulevard Jackson Boulevard Business districts Caption: "Another of Chicago's famous streets. It is paved with asphalt and lined with substantial buildings. The striking facade of the Chicago Board of Trade and the new Post Office Building adorn this...

10. Ruins of Chicago Postoffice Ruins of Chicago Postoffice Fires; Post offices Caption: "Ruins of the interior of the Chicago Postoffice after the Great Fire of 1871. By permission of Chicago Historical Society."

11. Federal Building at Chicago Federal Building at Chicago Post offices Caption: "Federal Building at Chicago: Begun in 1896, completed in 1905"
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