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1. Reading room for young people Reading room for young people Public libraries Caption: "Thomas Hughes Reading Room for Young People". From text: " … the Thomas Hughes Reading Room for Young People appropriately named for the Public Library's early benefactor, himself the author...

2. Rev. William W. Everts Rev. William W. Everts Clergy; Preachers From text: "The Rev. W. W. Everts, D.D., of the First Baptist Church, was another who could always be depended on to strike straight from the shoulder. He left Louisville, Ky., in 1859, because of his...

3. Gurdon S. Hubbard Gurdon S. Hubbard Business people; Fur trade Caption: "Gurdon S. Hubbard (The Famous Fur-trader, Friend of the Indian, and Pioneer Settler; arrived in 1818) By Courtesy of the Chicago Historical Society". Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard (1802-1886) was...

4. George M. Pullman George M. Pullman Business people Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.

5. James H. Bowen James H. Bowen Business people Photograph is undated but appears to be from the 1860s.

6. John V. Farwell John V. Farwell Business people From text: "Among somewhat later arrivals (the men of the [eighteen-]forties) … were … J. V. Farwell …" Regarding his support of Rev. Dwight L. Moody: "It seemed as if in the beginning only one among...

7. Washington Park Club House Washington Park Club House Racetracks (Horse racing) Caption: "Washington Park Club House, and "Derby Day"[.] The most notable of racing tracks in Chicago is Washington Park, especially famous for its "Derby Day," usually run some Saturday in June. This...

8. Haymarket Meeting Haymarket Meeting Anarchists; Haymarket Square Riot, Chicago, Ill., 1886. Caption: "The Haymarket Meeting.--In the Name of the People. I Command You to Disperse."

9. Arthur Farrar Arthur Farrar Business people From text: "Arthur Farrar was born December 3, 1837, and died November 2, 1893, yet within this comparatively brief space of time his life wrought for good along many lines. Between his record and the...

10. William D. Boyce William D. Boyce Business people From text: "A great nation is always the net result of the efforts of great individuals; similarly the history of successful cities is a history of its successful men. This has been notably true in the...

11. Looking south on Prairie Avenue Looking south on Prairie Avenue Residential streets Caption: "[Engraved for The Standard Guide Company.] Looking south on Prairie Avenue from Eighteenth St." From text: "[w]e begin with Prairie avenue. Why not? It is the avenue of avenues in Chicago. [O]n...

12. John P. Ahrens, E. B. Leigh and E. T. Walker John P. Ahrens, E. B. Leigh and E. T. Walker Railroads; Factories; Business people Caption: "John P. Ahrens, Vice President; E. B. Leigh, President and General Manager; E. T. Walker, Secretary and Treasurer".

13. Board of directors Board of directors Railroads; Factories; Business people Caption: "Board of Directors: E. L. Adreon, John P. Ahrens, Jesse A. Baldwin, E. B. Leigh, F. P. Hays, C. S. Gleed, Albert Blair".

14. Charles H. Wacker Charles H. Wacker Business people Caption: "Charles H. Wacker, Chairman Chicago Plan Commission."

15. Clarendon Beach Clarendon Beach Beaches Caption: "Clarendon Beach. Tens of thousands in the water at Clarendon Beach, 1916: 23,000 bathers have visited this single beach in one day. What better argument could possibly be had for the 'Reclamation...

16. William McJunkin William McJunkin Advertising; Business people William D. McJunkin was an advertising executive. He wrote the chapter entitled "Chicago Calls," in Chicago's reconstruction plan.

17. Edward F. Dunne Edward F. Dunne Mayors From text: "Then came the Mayoralty campaign of 1905. An open letter to the people of Chicago by Judge Tuley practically made Edward F. Dunne the nominee of the Democratic party on a no-franchise Immediate...

18. The Textile Room The Textile Room Settlement houses; Galleries & museums Caption: "The Textile Room." From text: "The [Hull House Labor] Museum was opened in November, 1900, and from the first, five departments were planned, though, owing to lack of space and equipment, only...

19. Benjamin F. Ferguson Benjamin F. Ferguson Business people; Philanthropists From text: "Benjamin Franklin Ferguson, an old and respected business man of Chicago, died April 10, 1905. By his will, after providing certain small bequests to relatives, he committed to the Northern...

20. Hon. Thomas B. Bryan Hon. Thomas B. Bryan Lawyers; Real estate business; Business people
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