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1. Franzee, Ida Cony Franzee, Ida Cony Daughters of the American Revolution Bas relief plaque topped with monumental vase with cipher 'GR'; seal of the Daughters of the American Revolution

2. Mercantile Library (Saint Louis, Mo.) Mercantile Library (Saint Louis, Mo.) Text surrounded by scrollwork border and roundels with Missouri state seal, Native American, river boat, and buffalo.

3. American Antiquarian Society American Antiquarian Society Haven, Samuel F. (Samuel Foster), 1806-1881 Seal of the American Antiquarian Society, showing Time with hourglass and sickle, sitting on globe, foot on ruined column and classical buildings in background, "Amer. Antiq. Soc." on entablature, "1812"...

4. Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926. Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926. Black ink on cream paper. Contains entwined leaves of two flowers on either side of and supporting an open book, all within a thick, black border.

5. University of Michigan. Library. University of Michigan. Library. Coyle, William Henry; Coyle, Jean L. Crossed swords, American eagle crest and wreath over American flag bunting. Lower left: books on shelves.

6. Frye, Walter Preston Frye, Walter Preston Native American with feathers in his hair, robe over one shoulder and bow, framed by flowers

7. United States Military Academy. Library United States Military Academy. Library Text and U.S.M.A. crest: Spartan helmet and sword against red, white and blue shield, surmounted by American eagle and banner.

8. Temple Library Temple Library Multicolored. Scroll and books (titles on spines illegible)

9. Wisconsin Historical Society. Wisconsin Historical Society. Scholar at desk, writing with quill upon scroll while reading open book.

10. Barger, B. Franklin. Barger, B. Franklin. American flag on pole crossed with long sword; books, oil lamp

11. Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa) Philomathean Literary Society (Cornell College) Woman sits in upholstered chair and reads; ornamental border with flower motif.

12. Fowler, Alfred, b. 1889 Fowler, Alfred, b. 1889 American eagle and motto ('E PLURIBUS UNUM') from the Great Seal of the United States and two medallions, (1) circular armorial shield with legend, 'WAR WITH GERMANY 1917-1919' and motto: 'UNITED WE STA[ND]...

13. Yale University. Library. Yale University. Library. DeSilver, Albert, 1888-1924; Lajoue, Jacques de, 1686 or 7-1761 Engraving based on 'La Pharmacie' (ca. 1735) by Jacques de Lajoue. Chemist working his still depicted among numerous objects and natural specimens: clock, jars; large spider and dog on either side of a...

14. Massachusetts Agricultural College. Library. Massachusetts Agricultural College. Library. University of Massachusetts at Amherst Text and coat of arms: Escutcheon azure (blue) charged with a native American holding a bow and arrow or (gold) and a star of five points argent (silver); the crest, above a straight wreath a arm embowed...

15. Rikkyō Daigaku Rikkyō Daigaku Seal of Saint Paul University, Tokyo. Spade shield with open book bearing motto ('Pro deo et patria').. Behind the seal, crossed sword, one with cross crosslet handle.

16. University of Wisconsin. Libraries. University of Wisconsin. Libraries. Cairns, William B., 1867-1932 Text

17. Calumet City Public Library Calumet City Public Library Native American with peace pipe; open book.

18. Library of Congress Library of Congress Grey ink on beige paper with American eagle with wings spread situated above a circular seal.

19. Library of Congress. Smithsonian deposit. Library of Congress. Smithsonian deposit. Grey ink on beige paper with American eagle with wings spread situated above a circular seal.

20. Michigan State Library. Michigan State Library. Black ink on cream paper; image consists of Michigan's state seal: Shield with man with rifle watching the sun rise; shield supported by elk and moose rampant; crested by, an American eagle, displayed....
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