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1. Barbosa Machado, Diôgo, 1682-1772 Barbosa Machado, Diôgo, 1682-1772 Coat of arms. Escutcheon (oval): argent (silver) 3 crescents or (gold) in a bend azure (blue) between two lions rampant of the same. Crest: two angels, dexter arms raised, each grasping a tassel of an...

2. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Library. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Library. Cavagna Sangiuliani di Gualdana, Antonio, conte, 1843-1913 Central coat of arms supported by mermaids; surrounded by ornamental Renaissance-style border with urns, fountains, and floriated scrollwork.

3. Arenberg Arenberg Coat of arms. Oval escutcheon: gules (red), three cinqfoils, two over one. Supporters: dexter, lion rampant; sinister, griffin rampant. Crown and elaborate mantling, in which three spaces are left for...

4. Tulane University. Library. Tulane University. Library. Ficklen, John Rose, 1858-1907 Tree with coat of arms, Gibson Hall in background

5. Mü̈linen, Wolfgang Friedrich von, 1863-1917 Mü̈linen, Wolfgang Friedrich von, 1863-1917 Coat of arms: Escutcheon or (gold), charged with a cross and circle (or wheel) sable (black); helm, mantled and crowned with crest showing repetition of charge.

6. Wheeler, Mary Spalding Wheeler, Mary Spalding Young woman with long braids reaches to touch or pick leaves from a tree; in her other hand, an open book. Within box below, open letter text and a coat of arms: Escutcheon: argent a saltire sable charged...

7. Weittenhiller, Moriz von Weittenhiller, Moriz von Coat of arms. Escutcheon parted per fess, the upper part or charged with an eagle displayed sable; the lower part sable charged with an anchor between two stars of six points or. Helm and mantling. Crown...

8. Perrier, Emil Perrier, Emil Coat of arms within border of pearls, fleurs de lis and text. Escutcheon, crest and ribbon with motto: Multa et optima. Escutcheon argent with pear tree vert and pears or. Crest shows lion rampant holding...

9. Smidt, Hedwig Smidt, Hedwig Coat of arms.

10. White, Arnold, 1848-1925 White, Arnold, 1848-1925 Young man in medieval garb reads a large book under an arch; beside him a small tree or shrub in a planter; At top of arch, a coat of arms: Escutcheon parted per pale, Dexter, erminois, a chevron nebuly...

11. Dannreuther, H. Dannreuther, H. Coat of arms. Armorial shield Crest: a woodsman holding an uprooted tree (also depicted on shield). Motto: Quatum est quod nescimus (How little we know). Multicolored.

12. Pflumer, George Pflumer, George Scholar in robe sits at library desk, examining coins and medals; suspended oil lamp; sundial and globe; landscape featuring city of Hameln; coat of arms.

13. Bufford Bufford Coat of arms: Quarterly, the symbols of France (fleurs de lis) and England (lions rampant) within a bordure gobony argent (silver) and azure (blue). Helm and mantling. Crest: a portcullis and chains. Motto...

14. Patterson, Robert Lloyd, Sir, 1836-1906 Patterson, Robert Lloyd, Sir, 1836-1906 Coat of arms: Escutcheon argent a fess dancety azure charged with 3 fleurs de lis; dexter chief gules, a lion rampant reguardant. Crest: A pelican in her piety. Three small escutcheons separate by fleurs...

15. Boyničić, Johann Boyničić, Johann Coat of arms: Lion rampant, in the dexter paw a sword, in the sinister hand a man's head erased. Supporters: two half-naked women. Crest. Bear segreant.

16. Radcliffe College. Library. Radcliffe College. Library. Coat of arms. Escutcheon gules and argent parted per pale; dexter a chevron chequy sable and argent dividing three mullets (stars) or (gold), 2 over 1; sinister, argent two bendlets engrailed sable. Banners...

17. Cavalieri, Ios Cavalieri, Ios Woman seated to the right of a coat of arms, two putti in motion around her feet; she reads a book labeled 'history', the putti carry books labeled 'poetry' and 'art'. Coat of arms. Escutcheon: a palm...

18. DuBois Public Library DuBois Public Library Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Eagle displayed. Helm

19. Byrd, William, 1674-1744 Byrd, William, 1674-1744 Coat of arms. Escutcheon (marshaling of six). Motto: Nulla pallescere culpa (Not to pale from any fault).

20. Brainerd, Ella Williams Owsley, 1840-1928 Brainerd, Ella Williams Owsley, 1840-1928 Woman in gown, wearing garland, holding sprig, in rolling landscape; Coat of arms. Motto on banner: Antiquus restituatur honor (Ancient honor restored)
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