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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Szemler, Lorinc Szemler, Lorinc Rustic scene with path

2. Barabás, Atala. Barabás, Atala. Man's head and shoulders on books lying sideways, on heir spines the bookplate text.

3. Kozma, L. Kozma, L. Woman with watering can waters rose plant and sniffs a picked flower

4. Hammerschlag, Gusztav Hammerschlag, Gusztav Woman with hammer (pun on owner's name); background pattern with hammers. Books (on spines: 'Maupassant', 'Jokai')

5. Eisler, M. Joseph Eisler, M. Joseph Elegant woman rests one hand on volume by Zola, holds flower in other hand

6. Deszo, Battlay Deszo, Battlay Native [?] woman drinking from shell; statue head spouting water; scales, wreath and shields, torch and book, in background.

7. Gerenday, Bela Gerenday, Bela Sculptor with hammer and chisel working on figure of woman.

8. Posevitz, Manda Posevitz, Manda Owl classroom: teacher owl stands beside blackboard with letters and holds open book and pointer, 6 student owls in a line attend.

9. Wiesinger, Frigyes Wiesinger, Frigyes Naked woman places chaplet on head of man in robe, who points to a large skull at their feet.

10. Petrick, Albert Petrick, Albert Scholar in library consulting open book; objects in foreground: open book, protractor and compass, camera on a tripod

11. Meyer, Dascha Meyer, Dascha Botanical design, showing twigs, flowers and leaves of an identified species.

12. Weissenbach, Ivan Weissenbach, Ivan Naked man holding large, thin book under one arm, apparently opening bolts with an instrument.

13. Weissenbach, Ivan Weissenbach, Ivan Woman with elegant hair ornament holds statuette consisting of a nude woman on a cube with heart on one side, gazing into a mirror

14. Pollak, Gyula Pollak, Gyula Domestic interior with bookcase, desk and chair, window with flowerpots on sill;

15. Royal Library of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia Royal Library of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia Tracery stonework design with a central roundel showing the shields of the three states: (1) argent and gules chequey, for Croatia, (2) azure charged with three leopard's heads crowned, for Dalmatia, (3)...

16. Boyničić, Johann Boyničić, Johann Coat of arms: Lion rampant, in the dexter paw a sword, in the sinister hand a man's head erased. Supporters: two half-naked women. Crest. Bear segreant.
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