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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Wellesley College Wellesley College College building; around border: torches, cross and crown, butterfly, hourglass with wings; at bottom: Wellesley College seal.

2. Amherst College. Library. Amherst College. Library. Within carved bas-relief frame with Amherst College seal: depiction of Converse Memorial Library building and grounds. Seal: sunburst and open book with motto: Terras irradient; surrounding text in.

3. Indianapolis Public Library Indianapolis Public Library Open book and demi sun in splendor

4. Yale University. Library. Yale University. Library. Brooks, David; Brooks, Micah House and grounds; soldiers of the Revolution and War of 1812.

5. Masonic Service Association of the United States Masonic Service Association of the United States Columned table and lectern with open book, two large flanking candlesticks and smaller candle on masonic compass and square; elaborate carved scrollwork background

6. Adelphi College. Library. Adelphi College. Library. Landscape with road and cliff.

7. Carvalho, Affonso de, 1897-1953 Carvalho, Affonso de, 1897-1953 Archer with nose ring, aiming at constellation Sagittarius.

8. Blackwell, Henry, 1851-1928 Blackwell, Henry, 1851-1928 Antique bearded figures beneath tree, one figure with lyre, the other picking branches from tree. Within central roundel: Landscape with square tower.

9. Thorpe, Alexander Thorpe, Alexander Interior with bookshelf, helmet, tea pot, clock, suit of armor, potted plant, chair, violin.

10. Vinycomb, John Vinycomb, John Scholar writes at his study table, a large globe, document box and books around the table; all within an elaborate border of trefoils, vines and other decorative elements.

11. Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900 Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900 Above a curvedwreath, an arm couped lying sideways, upon it a falcon perched all proper. Motto on banner: Inebranlable.

12. De Grey, Thomas Philip De Grey, Earl, 1781-1859 De Grey, Thomas Philip De Grey, Earl, 1781-1859 Coat of arms: Escutcheon (marshaling of six), supported by two wyverns, with earl's crown. Motto: Foy est tout (Faith is everything).

13. Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926 Bancroft, Squire, 1841-1926 Coat of arms: Eschutcheon or (gold) a bend azure (blue) charged with three garbs (sheaves of wheat), in the upper field, 3 griffin's heads erased; in the lower field, 3 crosses crosslet azure. Helm and...

14. Antioch College. Library. Antioch College. Library. Library of Antioch College / Presented by

15. Daly, Augustin, 1838-1899 Daly, Augustin, 1838-1899 Printed in rose. Cipher: DALY and laughing face.

16. Beloit College. Astronomical Library. Beloit College. Astronomical Library. Bushnell, Jackson J., 1815-1873 Text within decorative border.

17. Evanston Public Library Evanston Public Library Coe, Sadie Knowland, 1864-1905 Photographic portrait of donor

18. Wisconsin Historical Society Wisconsin Historical Society Scholar at desk, writing with quill upon scroll while reading open book.

19. University of Illinois. Library. University of Illinois. Library. Text

20. Godard, George S. (George Seymour), 1865-1936 Godard, George S. (George Seymour), 1865-1936 Elaborate doorway, ornamented above by double eagle, heraldic crest, and stag's head
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