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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Aikman, Gwen C. Aikman, Gwen C. Coat of arms within frame containing various phrases, places (especially in Indiana and Illinois) and personal names.

2. Kauffeld, Elizabeth C. Kauffeld, Elizabeth C. Personal name in frame

3. Lenox, Itha May Lenox, Itha May Young woman in crepe dress, holding small basket of flowers

4. Husted, William S. Husted, William S. Woman in gown smells flower; rose bush

5. Jackson, Fredrika H. Jackson, Fredrika H. Woman holding closed book to her chest.

6. Hofmeister, Fritz Hofmeister, Fritz Rear view of man sitting at corner table smoking a pipe.

7. Byrd, William, 1674-1744 Byrd, William, 1674-1744 Coat of arms. Escutcheon (marshaling of six). Motto: Nulla pallescere culpa (Not to pale from any fault).

8. Brainerd, Ella Williams Owsley, 1840-1928 Brainerd, Ella Williams Owsley, 1840-1928 Woman in gown, wearing garland, holding sprig, in rolling landscape; Coat of arms. Motto on banner: Antiquus restituatur honor (Ancient honor restored)

9. Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947 Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947 Young woman with flower in hair holds mask; frame of lilies

10. Ellis, Frederick Warren Ellis, Frederick Warren Olive-crowned woman holds oil lamp.

11. Longyear, John Munro, 1850-1922 Longyear, John Munro, 1850-1922 Tall tree on slope

12. Kittredge, William Kittredge, William Laughing face [or mask] of man with long hair and extensive beard (but no mustache).

13. Crandon, Edwin Sanford, 1860- Crandon, Edwin Sanford, 1860- Sailing ship at sea

14. Frye, Walter Preston Frye, Walter Preston Native American with feathers in his hair, robe over one shoulder and bow, framed by flowers

15. Ramsey, Allan Ramsey, Allan Thistles; Coat of arms (details indistinct): Escutcheon has compony border and is charged with a lion rampant. Crest: Swan (or similar bird). Banner below with motto: Sperandum est.

16. Warren, Philip Barton Warren, Philip Barton Text printed in red.

17. [Stock bookplate] [Stock bookplate] Two images: at top, a man in white tie sits at a table writing (presumably) a story about the lower image, which shows an old man with immense white beard and wearing tattered clothes walking through snowy...

18. Buck, Juliana Randolph Buck, Juliana Randolph Silhouette of woman wearing tam

19. Cox, John Cox, John Two men sit in high-backed chairs facing each other; one laughs while the other points at a passage in an open book; books are scattered to the side of each.

20. Garvan, Edward Joseph Garvan, Edward Joseph Printed in black and orange. Pegasus with rider holding spear against orange circle. Above, a desk with quill, horn, hourglass, owl, etc.; cipher: Y94, oil lamp. Below, as crest, hand with bloody dagger....
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