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Renart, Joaquim, 1879-... (3)
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Harris, Lucy (2)
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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Mestres, Ferran Mestres, Ferran Half-naked man holding flaming torch leans on shield showing Gutenberg's press. Text in Catalan.

2. Verdaguer, Miguel Verdaguer, Miguel Renaissance scholar studying; busts of Dante and Socrates on bookshelves. A central inset with text on banners and shield with owner's initials: MV

3. Kieboom, Barend van den Kieboom, Barend van den Silhouette of buildings and bridge mirrored in water.

4. New York University. Libraries. New York University. Libraries. Loeb, Solomon, d. 1903 Text in oval frame above shelf with books and scientific equipment

5. Amherst College. Library. Amherst College. Library. Within carved bas-relief frame with Amherst College seal: depiction of Converse Memorial Library building and grounds. Seal: sunburst and open book with motto: Terras irradient; surrounding text in.

6. Tulane University. Library. Tulane University. Library. Ficklen, John Rose, 1858-1907 Tree with coat of arms, Gibson Hall in background

7. Emerson, George Waldo Emerson, George Waldo Big Dipper and North Star, to which a wagon is attached by a line. Bordered on three sides by stars.

8. Howard, Noel Howard, Noel Binder's book press (book inserted), lying on three books, text on bottom spine.

9. Moran, L. E. P. Moran, L. E. P. A fishing rod and a basket; corner frame holds card with text

10. Mercantile Library (Saint Louis, Mo.) Mercantile Library (Saint Louis, Mo.) Text surrounded by scrollwork border and roundels with Missouri state seal, Native American, river boat, and buffalo.

11. University of California, Berkeley. Library. University of California, Berkeley. Library. Spreckels, Claus, 1828-1908 Black ink on beige paper. Contains a scholar in academic robes consulting a book in a library. Three female figures (one on the left side and two on the right) flank the central image. Two griffins at...

12. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope describes his bookplate thus: "My book plate was designed by Jay Chambers of New York, and shows a standing figure of a gentle-man of the 1830 period, reading at a high table. He is perusing a large...

13. Elliott, William Rupert Elliott, William Rupert Border of maple leaves each bearing letters to form owner's name. Apple tree bearing shields and ribbons with text. Two insets: (1) Beaver and mountain lake, (2) two hikers on path, sun on horizon (with...

14. Langworthy, Alfred G. Langworthy, Alfred G. Escutcheon sable, charged with three greyhounds [?] courant argent; helm crested with springing from monstrous stag (four front legs shown stemming from one body)

15. Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Man in renaissance garb, with ruff, sash and sword; behind him, shelves of books, scientific instruments, decanter and glass; on the table, an envelope for prints marked 'Gravures', partially unfurled...

16. Wheeler, Mary Spalding Wheeler, Mary Spalding Young woman with long braids reaches to touch or pick leaves from a tree; in her other hand, an open book. Within box below, open letter text and a coat of arms: Escutcheon: argent a saltire sable charged...

17. Burnham, William Henry, 1855-1941; Burnham, Katharine French Burnham, William Henry, 1855-1941; Burnham, Katharine French Within a frame with text: Windmill; Escutcheon: gules, a chevron argent between three lions' heads erased; roundels with oil lamp, mounted knight. Motto: Ne tentes aut perfice (Attempt not or accomplish)...

18. Monsalvatje i Fossas, Jordi, 1872-1922 Monsalvatje i Fossas, Jordi, 1872-1922 Caricature of Liszt as hand-puppet watches screeching cat claw strings of a guitar

19. Krick, Fritz Krick, Fritz Winged man holds oil lamp; books

20. Miracle, Carolina Miracle, Carolina Printed in red and bronze. Pansies and girl's face.
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