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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Neumann, Rudolf Neumann, Rudolf Athena and owl before Greek temple depicted on stylized urn; below: busts of Themis blindfolded and Hermes with winged cap

2. Siebert Siebert Statue of ancient German warrior on book

3. Vlaanderen, André, 1881-1955 Vlaanderen, André, 1881-1955 Palette and artist's instruments.

4. Rothballer, Maximilian Rothballer, Maximilian Window looking out on landscape; book and cup on ledge.

5. Drobner, Gustav Drobner, Gustav Janus-head fountain, water spouting from mouths

6. Richter, Karl Richter, Karl Rain storms in from open window, extinguishing candle whose wax drips down upon a stack of books. Spider and web dominate one corner, dog sits upon one open book, and a death's head, mantled by banner...

7. Sambale, Fritz Sambale, Fritz Stylized house, trees and sun.

8. Porter, Josephine E. S. Porter, Josephine E. S. Elegantly dressed woman in gown with floral motif, a peacock in show by her side; elaborate oval frame with flowers surmounted by a parrot.

9. Jaensch, Emil; Jaensch, Helene Jaensch, Emil; Jaensch, Helene Bearded man reading at lectern; globe; owl; shield with woman holding spade

10. Thornhurst Thornhurst Pine branches, shells, and other natural items

11. Smith, Adelaide M. Smith, Adelaide M. Owner's initials written as a cipher; mask, books

12. Kaylor, Helen M. Kaylor, Helen M. Knight in armor on horse, a victory laurel on the end of his jousting pole; in the foreground and sword lies flat on an open book

13. Daignault, W. E. Daignault, W. E. Printed in red and black. King of diamonds.

14. Daignault, W. E. Daignault, W. E. Printed in red and black. Queen of diamonds.

15. Ortiz, Manuel A. Ortiz, Manuel A. Printed in black and red. Two-masted sailing ship upon a gyroscope.

16. University of California, Berkeley. Library. University of California, Berkeley. Library. Spreckels, Claus, 1828-1908 Black ink on beige paper. Contains a scholar in academic robes consulting a book in a library. Three female figures (one on the left side and two on the right) flank the central image. Two griffins at...

17. Downing, Kittie Downing, Kittie Seated cat.

18. Crandon, Edwin Sanford, 1860- Crandon, Edwin Sanford, 1860- Sailing ship at sea

19. Cox, John Cox, John Two men sit in high-backed chairs facing each other; one laughs while the other points at a passage in an open book; books are scattered to the side of each.

20. Deszo, Battlay Deszo, Battlay Native [?] woman drinking from shell; statue head spouting water; scales, wreath and shields, torch and book, in background.
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