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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Porter, Josephine E. S. Porter, Josephine E. S. Elegantly dressed woman in gown with floral motif, a peacock in show by her side; elaborate oval frame with flowers surmounted by a parrot.

2. New York University. Libraries. New York University. Libraries. Loeb, Solomon, d. 1903 Text in oval frame above shelf with books and scientific equipment

3. Deane, Ruthven, 1851-1934 Deane, Ruthven, 1851-1934 Bird on stump in landscape with lake; panels below with pods and flowers, and oval frame with armorial shield on books

4. Amherst College. Library. Amherst College. Library. Within carved bas-relief frame with Amherst College seal: depiction of Converse Memorial Library building and grounds. Seal: sunburst and open book with motto: Terras irradient; surrounding text in.

5. Moran, L. E. P. Moran, L. E. P. A fishing rod and a basket; corner frame holds card with text

6. Elliot, Frank M. Elliot, Frank M. Tree; roots and branches extending beyond oval frame of beads or pearls.

7. St. Ange-Mauffray St. Ange-Mauffray Cipher within carved frame.

8. Scott, Edgar S.; Scott, Margaret; Scott, Dorothy Scott, Edgar S.; Scott, Margaret; Scott, Dorothy Roundel with books, frame of fleurs de lis.

9. University of Pennsylvania. Library. University of Pennsylvania. Library. Wagner, Tobias Coat of arms. Escutcheon with lion rampant, a wheel between his paws, crested with a demi-lion of the same. Motto: Innocenter constanter patienter. Pointed oval frame with text.

10. Morin, Louis. Morin, Louis. Typographical design; frame contains motto.

11. Lowell, John, Jr., 1799-1836 Lowell, John, Jr., 1799-1836 Chippendale coat of arms. Eschutcheon: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, parted per chief engrailed, upper part sable charged with a crescent; lower part or, a sinister hand couped holding three arrows point down;...

12. Seibels, Edwin G. (Edwin Granville), 1866-1954 Seibels, Edwin G. (Edwin Granville), 1866-1954 Within a frame with heraldic and pictorial illustrations, a coat of arms (without tinctures). Escutcheon: quarterly, 1st and 4th, an eagle displayed; 2nd and 3rd, barry of five, charged with 6 martlets....

13. Day, Robert Day, Robert Within an elaborate carved frame, a plaque with coat of arms. Escutcheon: per chevron or and azure, three mullets countercharged, over all, a crescent countercharged for difference. Crest: two hands conjoined...

14. Royal Library of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia Royal Library of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia Tracery stonework design with a central roundel showing the shields of the three states: (1) argent and gules chequey, for Croatia, (2) azure charged with three leopard's heads crowned, for Dalmatia, (3)...

15. Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947 Brown, Frank Chouteau, 1876-1947 Young woman with flower in hair holds mask; frame of lilies

16. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Study desk with open books, ink pot and quills, papers, etc. beside window looking out on city; bookshelf, chair, books on floor. Architectural frame with putti

17. Balassa, Adalbert, Jr. Balassa, Adalbert, Jr. One woman stands, one woman sits among objects: a lute, books, an artist's palette, scrolls, a magnifying glass, an hourglass; in the center, an escutcheon with eagle displayed.

18. Guittard, Claude B. Guittard, Claude B. Closed book, top cover decorated with interlaced cornerpieces and central frame in which is an escutcheon parted per pale (down the middle), crossed sword and dagger on left, 3 scallop shells on right...

19. Weinberger, Elizabeth Weinberger, Elizabeth Printed in black and yellow. Field of yellow flowers in a floral frame. Quotation from Goethe.

20. Pella y Forgas, Joseph Pella y Forgas, Joseph Within a picture frame, and immense tree grows out of the center of a walled garden. On the tree a shield (paly of 9) and ribbon tied in bow for mantling.
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