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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Ellwanger, Florence Cornelia Ellwanger, Florence Cornelia Seated half-naked woman holding peacock with one hand; other hand placed on open book

2. Stern, Max Stern, Max Man sits reading by light of candle and bright star at an open window; in the room a large hand loom upon which a cloth decorated with stars is being woven; a shuttle and an open book with title shown:...

3. Franklin and Marshall College. Library. Franklin and Marshall College. Library. Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790; Marshall, John, 1755-1835; Athena (Greek deity) Athena wearing helmet and Medusa breastplate, holding oil lamp aloft, sword in other hand; on either side busts of Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall

4. Ercolini, Mary Alice Ercolini, Mary Alice Naked woman as if drugged or asleep, lying in sailboat with sphinxes on gunwales, her hand trailing in water; pyramids in background; cat sits on draped table.

5. Gordon-Cumming, Frances Gordon-Cumming, Frances Black ink on beige paper. Oval crest: lion rampant, in his dexter hand a dagger, a banner above with motto: Courage; surrounded by motto on ribbon intertwining six daisies. Under the crest is an oil lamp...

6. Wheeler, Mary Spalding Wheeler, Mary Spalding Young woman with long braids reaches to touch or pick leaves from a tree; in her other hand, an open book. Within box below, open letter text and a coat of arms: Escutcheon: argent a saltire sable charged...

7. Boyničić, Johann Boyničić, Johann Coat of arms: Lion rampant, in the dexter paw a sword, in the sinister hand a man's head erased. Supporters: two half-naked women. Crest. Bear segreant.

8. Eisler, M. Joseph Eisler, M. Joseph Elegant woman rests one hand on volume by Zola, holds flower in other hand

9. Hartstonge, Matthew Weld Hartstonge, Matthew Weld Coat of arms. Escutcheon: Parted by chevron engrailed, upper part or, three pellets (roundels charged sable) in chief; lower part sable, charged with a stag passant. Crest: Naked man couped at the waist,...

10. Farquhar, Walter Farquhar, Walter Crest: Eagle rising, wings elevated & displayed. Ribbon with motto (mente manuque) and tab with sinister hand beneath

11. Garvan, Edward Joseph Garvan, Edward Joseph Printed in black and orange. Pegasus with rider holding spear against orange circle. Above, a desk with quill, horn, hourglass, owl, etc.; cipher: Y94, oil lamp. Below, as crest, hand with bloody dagger....

12. Dewar, John F. Dewar, John F. Coat of arms. Escutcheon: or (gold) a bordure gules (red), a chief azure (blue). Crest: an arm embowed armored, in the hand a sword. Motto: Quid non pro patria (What is not for country?)

13. Campenhausen-Loddiger, Ernst, Baron. Campenhausen-Loddiger, Ernst, Baron. Coat of arms: Escutcheon charged with a castle and three arrows; helm crested with a wreath and two arms couped at the elbow, in each hand an arrow. Printed in black and red.

14. Zwicky, Caspar Zwicky, Caspar Multicolored. Central coat of arms plus 4 small er escutcheons, one in corner. Central escutcheon: or parted in chief, upper part charged with two annulets sable (black); lower part barry of four, sable...

15. Unidentified Unidentified Coat of arms. Escutcheon: sable, a falcon displayed, a sinister hand gules on an inescutcheon center chief argent. Crest: a falcon wings elevated perched on a demi globe. Motto: Deo ducente (With God leading)...

16. Major, Alexander Major, Alexander Garter, buckled, containing the motto: Deus major columna (God a greater pillar/support). Crest: arm embowed in armor, hand clenching a bar

17. Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900 Acland, Henry W. (Henry Wentworth), 1815-1900 Coat of arms: Escutcheon chequy argent (silver) and sable (black), a fess gules (red), charged with a crescent center chief. Crest: above a straight wreath, an arm couped lying fessways (sideways), upon...

18. Pawlik, Eugen Pawlik, Eugen A naked woman with coronet in a rural landscape holds a figurine of a Roman soldier in her hand.

19. Crawley, Charles Allen Crawley, Charles Allen Coat of arms, Escutcheon: Ermines, on a fess azure a saltire or between two cross crosslets fitchée sable, between three cranes; on a chief ermine a bend gules gutée d'or between two martlets sable;...

20. Joliffe Joliffe Coat of arms: Escutcheon argent, a pile vert (green) with three dexter hands couped and a crescent. Crest: arm cubit in the hand a scimitar. Maltese cross pendant with ribbon bearing motto: Tant que je...
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