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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Mount Vernon Seminary Mount Vernon Seminary Black ink on beige paper. Seminary insignia at top left: monogram on Chippendale shield with motto. Scene of fireplace with vase on mantel, empty chairs. The open book at bottom left contains the designer's...

2. Barbosa Machado, Diôgo, 1682-1772 Barbosa Machado, Diôgo, 1682-1772 Coat of arms. Escutcheon (oval): argent (silver) 3 crescents or (gold) in a bend azure (blue) between two lions rampant of the same. Crest: two angels, dexter arms raised, each grasping a tassel of an...

3. Arenberg Arenberg Coat of arms. Oval escutcheon: gules (red), three cinqfoils, two over one. Supporters: dexter, lion rampant; sinister, griffin rampant. Crown and elaborate mantling, in which three spaces are left for...

4. Emerson, George Waldo Emerson, George Waldo Big Dipper and North Star, to which a wagon is attached by a line. Bordered on three sides by stars.

5. University of California, Berkeley. Library. University of California, Berkeley. Library. Spreckels, Claus, 1828-1908 Black ink on beige paper. Contains a scholar in academic robes consulting a book in a library. Three female figures (one on the left side and two on the right) flank the central image. Two griffins at...

6. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope describes his bookplate thus: "My book plate was designed by Jay Chambers of New York, and shows a standing figure of a gentle-man of the 1830 period, reading at a high table. He is perusing a large...

7. Porter, Josephine E. S. Porter, Josephine E. S. Elegantly dressed woman in gown with floral motif, a peacock in show by her side; elaborate oval frame with flowers surmounted by a parrot.

8. James, Davis Lawler, d. 1933 James, Davis Lawler, d. 1933 Cipher on Chippendale shield.

9. Giro, Fidel Giro, Fidel Gutenberg reading proof from his printing press

10. Langenscheidt, Carl G. F., 1870-1952 Langenscheidt, Carl G. F., 1870-1952 Farm woman watering flowers; scene with farmhouse; on the left, an escutcheon with caduceus and open book; on the right, an escutcheon with owl, feather and lobster

11. Polo Polo Half-naked woman reaches for flowers in a room with bookcase and cat. Artist's signature (Flich?) in white lower left.

12. Mercier, J. B. Mercier, J. B. Village in countryside, sun rising; above, left, small escutcheon parted per fess wavy, or; upper field gules charged with a lozenge or; lower field azure, charged with a crescent or. Open book displays...

13. Zwicky, Caspar Zwicky, Caspar Multicolored. Central coat of arms plus 4 small er escutcheons, one in corner. Central escutcheon: or parted in chief, upper part charged with two annulets sable (black); lower part barry of four, sable...

14. Bein, Georg Bein, Georg Allegorical picture: immense trail of tiny people wends its way between sun on left to darkened portal on right. In center, a huge lectern with burning candle at which a dark-clothed scribe with crescent...

15. New Orleans Public Library New Orleans Public Library Arched centerpiece divided into 5 scenes from New Orleans history and repeats Louisiana seal found in upper left corner of plate. The seal: pelican in her piety and motto: Union Justice Confidence. On...

16. Knox, Charlotte D. Knox, Charlotte D. Within arched design, a woman in hooded cloak sketches distant town; large diamond-shaped shield gules bordered argent, charged with eagle or; [motto above, left:] moveo et proficio; [below left:] escutcheon...

17. Dartmouth College. Library. Dartmouth College. Library. University seal: "An Oval, circumscribed by a Line containing SIGILL: COL: DARTMUTH: NOV: HANT: IN AMERICA 1770. within projecting a Pine Grove on the Right, whence proceed Natives towards an Edifice two...

18. Flint, S. A. Flint, S. A. Floral frame with beehive against flint arrowhead in center; spires upper left; musical instruments upper right; books lower left; easel lower right, Motto: Sans hâte, sans repos (Without haste, without...

19. Catholic University of America Catholic University of America Open book, on left page, within wreath, a 'chi/rho/alpha/omega' symbol; text on left page. Below a blank banner rectangle, lined to received written text.

20. [Stock bookplate] [Stock bookplate] Two images: at top, a man in white tie sits at a table writing (presumably) a story about the lower image, which shows an old man with immense white beard and wearing tattered clothes walking through snowy...
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