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1. Lennox, George Henry, 1737-1805 Lennox, George Henry, 1737-1805 Escutcheon, parted per pale, for Lennox and Kerr, supported dexter by unicorn rampant, sinister by antelope rampant, crested with a chapeau and lion statant guardant, crowned. Motto on banner below escutcheon....

2. University of Southern California. Library. University of Southern California. Library. Arnold, Paul Seated man lower body draped, draws with compass, sitting near pyramid, sphere, burning oil lamp

3. Pell Pell Sailing ship near tropical islands with palm trees

4. Green, Everard, 1844-1926. Green, Everard, 1844-1926. In a circular frame, upon a dragon biting its own tail, an escutcheon parted in chief, the upper part with a fleur de lis between two annulets, the lower part with 3 stags passant.

5. Roberts, Olive W. Roberts, Olive W. Galleon in full sail approaching shore

6. Nickoley Nickoley Sailing ship near shore, seen from opening in trees

7. Evans, Clara Therese Evans, Clara Therese Open book on molded-bracket shelf. Left-hand page: picture of sailboat near rocky shore; right-hand page: text.

8. Affonso, Lino Antonio Affonso, Lino Antonio Printed in blue. Galleon sailing near fort.

9. Affonso, Lino Antonio Affonso, Lino Antonio Printed in black. Galleon sailing near fort.

10. Wilkes, M. R. Wilkes, M. R. Candle and books in front of boats near Mediterranean [?] church.

11. Riquer, Alexandre de, 1856-1920 Riquer, Alexandre de, 1856-1920 Woman with hands raised near beaker over flames.

12. Day, Robert Day, Robert Within an elaborate carved frame, a plaque with coat of arms. Escutcheon: per chevron or and azure, three mullets countercharged, over all, a crescent countercharged for difference. Crest: two hands conjoined...

13. Benkard, Rudolf. Benkard, Rudolf. Near naked athlete with sword and laurel crown posing on large books whose titles reflect fighting arts; dumbbell and books on ground

14. Brooks, Charles B. Brooks, Charles B. Printed in red and blue/green. Woman in American flag dress near seashore, rowboat on sand, sailing ship at sea.

15. Van de Vin, Sophia Van de Vin, Sophia Putto on steps near seashore; behind him a globe; sailing ship on water
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