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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Cox, John Cox, John Two men sit in high-backed chairs facing each other; one laughs while the other points at a passage in an open book; books are scattered to the side of each.

2. Thornhurst Thornhurst Pine branches, shells, and other natural items

3. Finley, John H. (John Huston), 1863-1940 Finley, John H. (John Huston), 1863-1940 Between two tall trees, two swords held in hands couped (in heraldic terms) above the wrist, one pointing down, grasped on the blade, the other pointing up, grasped on the grip, amid motto: Fide et fortitudine...

4. Franklin and Marshall College. Library. Franklin and Marshall College. Library. Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790; Marshall, John, 1755-1835; Athena (Greek deity) Athena wearing helmet and Medusa breastplate, holding oil lamp aloft, sword in other hand; on either side busts of Benjamin Franklin and John Marshall

5. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope describes his bookplate thus: "My book plate was designed by Jay Chambers of New York, and shows a standing figure of a gentle-man of the 1830 period, reading at a high table. He is perusing a large...

6. Blackwell, Henry, 1851-1928 Blackwell, Henry, 1851-1928 Antique bearded figures beneath tree, one figure with lyre, the other picking branches from tree. Within central roundel: Landscape with square tower.

7. Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Man in renaissance garb, with ruff, sash and sword; behind him, shelves of books, scientific instruments, decanter and glass; on the table, an envelope for prints marked 'Gravures', partially unfurled...

8. Wheeler, Mary Spalding Wheeler, Mary Spalding Young woman with long braids reaches to touch or pick leaves from a tree; in her other hand, an open book. Within box below, open letter text and a coat of arms: Escutcheon: argent a saltire sable charged...

9. Elwood, George May, 1844-1906 Elwood, George May, 1844-1906 On either side of a fruiting tree bearing armorial shield and motto (Fide et sedulitate = With faith and diligence) and two medals: two men in togas, one holding a magnifying glass, the other with scroll...

10. Lacroix, Paul, 1806-1884 Lacroix, Paul, 1806-1884 Four naked childred read or climb upon oversize books and other objects (oil lamp, ink well and quill)

11. Ellwanger, Florence Cornelia Ellwanger, Florence Cornelia Seated half-naked woman holding peacock with one hand; other hand placed on open book

12. Vinycomb, John Vinycomb, John Scholar writes at his study table, a large globe, document box and books around the table; all within an elaborate border of trefoils, vines and other decorative elements.

13. State Library of Massachusetts State Library of Massachusetts Tillinghast, Caleb Benjamin, 1843-1909. Typed letter signed on letterhead paper.

14. Spring Creek Sabbath School Library Spring Creek Sabbath School Library Text with frame of woodcut ornaments and vignettes

15. Eisler, M. Joseph Eisler, M. Joseph Elegant woman rests one hand on volume by Zola, holds flower in other hand

16. John Crerar Library John Crerar Library Portrait of John Crerar, open book with quote from Ptolemy, a small scroll, and other books on a shelf; thistles.

17. Unidentified Unidentified Flying fish. Motto: De profundis (out of the depths)

18. Remey, Charles Mason, 1874-1974. Remey, Charles Mason, 1874-1974. Image of the Baha'i temple, within a circular frame containing 9 roundels with other famous buildings.

19. Naylor, Downing Naylor, Downing Young girl sits against large tree, a kitten in her lap, while two other kittens play upon a book on the ground; exotic city in background.

20. Coe, Cleveland Beach, 1893-1945 Coe, Cleveland Beach, 1893-1945 Child and teddy bear, arms around each other's backs, read a book
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