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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Tabard Inn Library Tabard Inn Library Picture of the Tabard Inn yard, colored.

2. Tabard Inn Library Tabard Inn Library Text with multicolored picture of Tabard Inn yard.

3. Tabard Inn Library Tabard Inn Library Tattered picture of Tabard Inn yard attached to wall; on desk, lantern on book with clasp, papers, and quill. Inset portrait of Chaucer.

4. Tabard Inn Library Tabard Inn Library Multicolored. Picture of the Tabard Inn yard.

5. Schultz, Otto Schultz, Otto Between bookcase columns, a picture window with camed glass showing outlines of deer; through the window and house and trees; above a frieze of medieval figures, hands linked; below text, coat of arms...

6. Pella y Forgas, Joseph Pella y Forgas, Joseph Within a picture frame, and immense tree grows out of the center of a walled garden. On the tree a shield (paly of 9) and ribbon tied in bow for mantling.

7. Bein, Georg Bein, Georg Allegorical picture: immense trail of tiny people wends its way between sun on left to darkened portal on right. In center, a huge lectern with burning candle at which a dark-clothed scribe with crescent...

8. Baer, Lyle S. Baer, Lyle S. woman sits on unmade bed, one shoe on, one shoe on floor; side table with 3 shelves of books; lit candle; picture of elegant woman on wall; bouquet of roses at end of bed

9. Gruber, Lili Schmied Gruber, Lili Schmied Violin hanging on music stand whose legs are set upon an open book; a bow and book of music upon the stand; behind, a picture of Beethoven.

10. Adeane, Henrietta Jane Adeane, Henrietta Jane Printed in black and red. Within a picture frame, a lozenge escutcheon: vert (green) a chevron or (gold) charged with 3 mullets (stars) sable (black), between three griffin's heads erased or (gold). Banner...

11. Provine, Elizabeth W. Provine, Elizabeth W. Girl in silhouette reading a picture book by candlelight.

12. Evans, Clara Therese Evans, Clara Therese Open book on molded-bracket shelf. Left-hand page: picture of sailboat near rocky shore; right-hand page: text.

13. Sayre, Robert Heysham Sayre, Robert Heysham Stack of books framed by wreath, top book open to picture of steam engine from early railroad.

14. Jenks, Louise Davidson Jenks, Louise Davidson Picture of a large house with portico facing onto lawn

15. Buck, John Buck, John Picture of manor house; armorial inset showing castle (Tiverton); 3 escutcheons, bottom center and corners. Left corner: escutcheon, paly of six gules (red) and argent (silver). Right corner: Argent charge...

16. Skiff, Frederick W., 1868-1947 Skiff, Frederick W., 1868-1947 Open book surmounted by portrait of dog, antler, rifle; below, wilderness scene with waterfall.

17. Parmele, George L. Parmele, George L. Motto ('Duce natura sequor') and crest (In grass, otter proper, in his mouth a fish) of Paine (q.v.), heraldic aspect of escutcheon replaced by picture of books and oil lamp.

18. Rasch, Hugo Rasch, Hugo Picture of Dutch or similar flat landscape with bare trees on dikes (?), a solitary figure in foreground.

19. Greene, Agatha R Greene, Agatha R Acanthus leaves; picture of house; books ['Ruskin', 'Browning' on spines] ; shield
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