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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Nickerson, William E. (William Emery), 1853-1930 Nickerson, William E. (William Emery), 1853-1930 Cog-border roundel with sailing ship and date; symbols of music and art in upper corners; books, oil lamp, ink pot and quill below

2. Jacinto, António Teixeira, Jr. Jacinto, António Teixeira, Jr. Open book, ink pot and quill, hanging oil lamp.

3. Harris, Kennett, 1864- Harris, Kennett, 1864- Ink pot, quill; books; scattered manuscript and blank sheets of paper

4. Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Man in renaissance garb, with ruff, sash and sword; behind him, shelves of books, scientific instruments, decanter and glass; on the table, an envelope for prints marked 'Gravures', partially unfurled...

5. Thorpe, Alexander Thorpe, Alexander Interior with bookshelf, helmet, tea pot, clock, suit of armor, potted plant, chair, violin.

6. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Study desk with open books, ink pot and quills, papers, etc. beside window looking out on city; bookshelf, chair, books on floor. Architectural frame with putti

7. Havemeyer, Henry Osborne, 1847-1907 Havemeyer, Henry Osborne, 1847-1907 Man in 18th century clothing and wig leans on window ledge, reading a book; portfolio; chair with books, flower in pot

8. Athawes, John Athawes, John Coat of arms. Escutcheon sable (black), three carpenter's squares argent (silver) divided by a chevron or (gold) charged with a covered pot. Crest: lion rampant.

9. Laszlo de Laborfalva, G. Laszlo de Laborfalva, G. Naked man sits on book looking into sockets of giant skull; around him giant ink pot with quill, and scroll (on which he rests his foot).

10. Ronalds, Francis S. Ronalds, Francis S. Candle, quill in ink pot, books

11. Lane, Frank E. Lane, Frank E. Man sits reading at dusk beside lake, his fishing pole against a tree; beneath, birch bark scroll with text and pile of books, ink pot and quill.

12. Lund, Theodore c. Lund, Theodore c. Owl on books, ink pot, spider and large web, skull

13. Unidentified Unidentified Bearded man, quill in hand, studies book at library table; large chest on floor beside table; ink pot and quills, candle (unlit)

14. Halsted, Alfred Aurel Halsted, Alfred Aurel Black ink on beige paper. Decorative border; shelf of books; open book lies to the side of the shelved books. ink pot and quill; hour glass

15. Boston Public Library. Boston Public Library. Billings, Robert Charles, 1819-1899. Portrait of Robert Charles Billings on mantel with oil-burning lamp, paper, pot of ink and feather pen.

16. Clark, Arthur Wellington Clark, Arthur Wellington Armorial crowned eagle rising erased, above ledge with books, scroll, ink pot and quill, microscope

17. Chaussé, Joseph-Alcide, 1868-1944 Chaussé, Joseph-Alcide, 1868-1944 Open book propped on stack of books; ink pot and quill. Border of leaves.

18. M. H. M. H. Masonic symbol with cipher: MH top center; rustic landscape with windmills; owl, books, ink pot and quills, magnifying glass, under fruit trees; undeciphered artist's name in lower right hand corner

19. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906. Leiningen-Westerburg, K. E. (Karl Emich), Graf zu, 1856-1906. Oak tree with acorns, at the foot of which is an ink pot, quill, and papers. On the tree, a large escutcheon (heraldic colors not indicate) a cross, first quarter (sized for prominence), charged with 3...

20. University of Michigan. Library. University of Michigan. Library. Ford, Corydon L. (Corydon La), 1813-1894 Portrait of Corydon Ford. Lower left: table with books, oil lamp, microscope, skull, ink pot and quill.
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