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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope describes his bookplate thus: "My book plate was designed by Jay Chambers of New York, and shows a standing figure of a gentle-man of the 1830 period, reading at a high table. He is perusing a large...

2. Vinycomb, John Vinycomb, John Scholar writes at his study table, a large globe, document box and books around the table; all within an elaborate border of trefoils, vines and other decorative elements.

3. Masonic Service Association of the United States Masonic Service Association of the United States Columned table and lectern with open book, two large flanking candlesticks and smaller candle on masonic compass and square; elaborate carved scrollwork background

4. Ercolini, Mary Alice Ercolini, Mary Alice Naked woman as if drugged or asleep, lying in sailboat with sphinxes on gunwales, her hand trailing in water; pyramids in background; cat sits on draped table.

5. Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Kingman, William Livermore, 1868-1926 Man in renaissance garb, with ruff, sash and sword; behind him, shelves of books, scientific instruments, decanter and glass; on the table, an envelope for prints marked 'Gravures', partially unfurled...

6. Unidentified Unidentified Bearded man, quill in hand, studies book at library table; large chest on floor beside table; ink pot and quills, candle (unlit)

7. Hofmeister, Fritz Hofmeister, Fritz Rear view of man sitting at corner table smoking a pipe.

8. [Stock bookplate] [Stock bookplate] Two images: at top, a man in white tie sits at a table writing (presumably) a story about the lower image, which shows an old man with immense white beard and wearing tattered clothes walking through snowy...

9. Gruel, Leon, 1841-1923 Gruel, Leon, 1841-1923 Bookbinder at his work table, behind him a woman (Muse?) dressed in a gown with elaborate decorations and holding a sprig of plant. Crane or pelican with wings displayed, lower left.

10. Halsey, Herbert Drake, 1872- Halsey, Herbert Drake, 1872- On table with books and coat of arms in a frame, a dog sits on open book beside tall candle; artist's monogram lower right.

11. Bedaine, Henry S. Bedaine, Henry S. Photographic portrait of girl reading at a table.

12. Baer, Lyle S. Baer, Lyle S. woman sits on unmade bed, one shoe on, one shoe on floor; side table with 3 shelves of books; lit candle; picture of elegant woman on wall; bouquet of roses at end of bed

13. Columbia College (New York, N.Y.). Library. Columbia College (New York, N.Y.). Library. College Seal: Referring to 1 Pet. 2:1-2, woman has open book, 3 naked children at her feet. Hebrew words on banner: "The Lord is my light" (Ps. 27:1) Motto: In lumine tuo videbimus lumen = In your light...

14. Broadley, A. M. Broadley, A. M. Domestic interior with walls lined with bookshelves, books on table; desk

15. Cole, George Watson, 1850-1939 Cole, George Watson, 1850-1939 Two 17th century men sit at table in arched space, one reading, the other writing, illustrating epigram.

16. Young, Benjamin Percy; Young, Nola Ayers Young, Benjamin Percy; Young, Nola Ayers Table with open book and lamp in front of bookshelves

17. Hall, Robert Hall, Robert Interior with wall of books, large reading table with books (including open illuminated manuscript, chairs; large window looking out onto building with spire tower.

18. Yale University. Library. Yale University. Library. Yale University seal (open book with Hebrew words: 'Urim v'Thummim', and Latin motto: 'Lux et veritas') in front of a wooden table covered with books.

19. Clark, Arthur Wellington Clark, Arthur Wellington Man with long hair and wearing 18th century jacket at table reading

20. Nelson, Carrie; Black, Samuel L. Nelson, Carrie; Black, Samuel L. Three children of various ages examine books on a table, books scattered on floor. Artist's cipher on open book: MS
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