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 Image: Originator: Subject/Iconography: Description:

1. Drury, F. K. W. Drury, F. K. W. Stained glass window with figures playing golf and football, and an amateur actor (or graduate[?]), bowing.

2. Rothballer, Maximilian Rothballer, Maximilian Window looking out on landscape; book and cup on ledge.

3. Stern, Max Stern, Max Man sits reading by light of candle and bright star at an open window; in the room a large hand loom upon which a cloth decorated with stars is being woven; a shuttle and an open book with title shown:...

4. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope, Alexander Winthrop, d. 1915. Pope describes his bookplate thus: "My book plate was designed by Jay Chambers of New York, and shows a standing figure of a gentle-man of the 1830 period, reading at a high table. He is perusing a large...

5. Richter, Karl Richter, Karl Rain storms in from open window, extinguishing candle whose wax drips down upon a stack of books. Spider and web dominate one corner, dog sits upon one open book, and a death's head, mantled by banner...

6. Schultz, Otto Schultz, Otto Between bookcase columns, a picture window with camed glass showing outlines of deer; through the window and house and trees; above a frieze of medieval figures, hands linked; below text, coat of arms...

7. [Stock bookplate] [Stock bookplate] Black ink on thick beige paper depicting a man in a library full of books reading at a desk, visible through an arched window. The window is decorated with bas-relief statues, angels, cornucopiae, hanging...

8. Drobner, Gustav Drobner, Gustav Half-naked woman looking out window, holding a closed book with 'Zarathustra' on the cover; roundel with portrait of Frederich Nietzsche; eagle battling snake on window blind; Artist's signature in plate:...

9. Roosen, Emma Roosen, Emma Double arched window through which line of buildings (along Venetian canal?) can be seen; frame decorated with putti reading and floral motives; books on window seat. Artist's initials in lower corners:...

10. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Bangor Public Library. John F. Patten Fund. Study desk with open books, ink pot and quills, papers, etc. beside window looking out on city; bookshelf, chair, books on floor. Architectural frame with putti

11. Havemeyer, Henry Osborne, 1847-1907 Havemeyer, Henry Osborne, 1847-1907 Man in 18th century clothing and wig leans on window ledge, reading a book; portfolio; chair with books, flower in pot

12. Wilcox, Jerome Kear Wilcox, Jerome Kear Empty easy chair with big cushion, open book placed on one arm; behind, bookshelves with glass doors, a window. Seals in each corner.

13. Gardner, Elinor Vandegrift Gardner, Elinor Vandegrift Woman plays organ in room (church?) with stained-glass window

14. Unidentified Unidentified Shield with rebus displayed in arched window.

15. Cope, Barbara J. Cope, Barbara J. view of tower against night sky through open window; books, globe, lit candle in foreground

16. Ercolini, Mary Alice Ercolini, Mary Alice Renaissance woman in embroidered gown reads a copy of Dante's Comedia, and angel with flower and a view of Florence through the window. Artist's name lower left: Vaniver [?]

17. Jackson, Katherine Towne Jackson, Katherine Towne Collage including doorway, globe, lyre, tree, protractor, open book, sun, moon and stars, window.

18. Marshall, H. P. J. Marshall, H. P. J. Interior with vase of flowers on window sill, empty upholstered chair and desk cluttered with open and closed books, documents, a globe, and a skull

19. Spencer Bible Class Spencer Bible Class Spencer, Emily Gear Scroll on sill of arched window looking out at church tower.

20. Wright, Howell Wright, Howell Church buildings seen through curtained window. Top corners: Waterfall, Electric pylons. Bottom corners: map of Africa, crossed rifle and bamboo bow. Top center: Crest with Asian characters.
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