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1. Othello: Two Figures Othello: Two Figures costume design; costumes (character dress); robes (main garments); hoods (headgear) Costume renderings for Othello in Othello, two figures in same costume: white sleeveless hooded robe, clasped at neck with gold-colored pin, cream shirt, black tights and shoes. Figure One: three-quarters...

2. Snug as Lion Snug as Lion costume design; costumes (character dress); gouaches (paintings); brown (color); shirts; red (color); gray (color); stars; tights (opaque stockings); black (color); sandals; ties (fasteners) Costume rendering for Snug as Lion in Midsummer Night's Dream: Snug on hands and knees with brown lion's head mask and lion's body costume over arms and back, to knees. Lion costume fastened with brown...

3. Starveling as the Moon Starveling as the Moon costume design; costumes (character dress); cloth; white (color); shirts; purplish blue; circles (plane figures); tights (opaque stockings); black (color); blue (color); dots; sandals; eyeglasses; gray (color); lanterns (lighting devices); neckwear; moderate yellow Costume rendering for Starvling as Moon in Midsummer Night's Dream: two long white cloths, one in front and one in back, tied together at shoulders. Purplish blue shirt with circles; black tights with...

4. Flute as Thisbe Flute as Thisbe costume design; costumes (character dress); turbans; white (color); vivid yellow; brown (color); veils (headcloths); dresses (garments); pink (color); cloth; tights (opaque stockings); black (color); stripes; sandals Costume rendering for Flute as Thisbe in Midsummer Night's Dream: white turban with gold-colored jewelry at front and brown spikes at top. White veil over nose and mouth. Knee-length, long-sleeved pink...

5. Man Loving: Mantua scene Man Loving: Mantua scene

6. Signor Placentio Signor Placentio

7. First Oberon Attendant First Oberon Attendant costume design; costumes (character dress); gouaches (paintings); face masks; creepers; scale pattern Costume rendering for First Oberon Attendant in Midsummer Night's Dream: orange mask covers head, nose, eyes, and neck; black on nose; orange with white dots on head and neck; orange and blue feathers...
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