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1. Woman in evening dress Woman in evening dress Fashion--History; Fashion industry; Clothing Photograph, b/w

2. Painting: Illinois River Painting: Illinois River Painting; Landscape; Oil on canvas; Krafft, Carl, 1884-1938; Riverboats A painting of two riverboats on a wide expanse of river past bluffs rising from the far shore. Two tall trees rise up left of center on the near shore, where two figures leaning on a rail fence look out...

3. Painting: Prairie Landscape Painting: Prairie Landscape Painting; Landscape; Peyraud, Frank, 1958-1948; Oil on canvas A painting of flat fields under a blue sky with large white clouds, three large haystacks by a tall tree in the center and trees along the distant horizon. Sight dimensions are 31-1/4" x 39-1/4"; framed...

4. Pioneer Zephyr Pioneer Zephyr Railroads; Rail transportation; Trains; Streamline design; Art Moderne; Art Deco; Diesel locomotives; World's Fair; A Century of Progress; Speed records; A streamlined stainless steel high-speed motor three-car train, powered by a 600 horsepower diesel engine. The train is 197 feet long. It weighs ninety-eight tons.

5. Milburn Electric Car Milburn Electric Car Automobiles; Cars; Electric automobiles; Transportation; Land transportation; Toledo, Ohio A black and blue two-passenger, two-door electric car. The car has a tiller for steering, two headlights, one taillight, and four rubber tires.

6. Duesenberg Roadster J-200 Duesenberg Roadster J-200 Land transportation; Automobiles; Cars; Racing cars; Racecars; Des Moines, Iowa; A 1929 Duesenberg Roadster J-200 convertible two door, two-passenger automobile. The auto body is black with stainless steel trim and bumpers. The convertible top and four spoked tires are tan. There are...

7. Schacht Model K Runabout Schacht Model K Runabout Automobiles; Cars; Land transportation; Transportation; Cincinnati, Ohio The Schacht Model K Runabout is a two-passenger automobile with a carriage body. The engine is in the rear of the vehicle. A hand crank starts engine. The steering wheel is located on the right side. The...

8. The Travel Air Model R 'Mystery Ship' Texaco No. 13 monoplane The Travel Air Model R 'Mystery Ship' Texaco No. 13 monoplane A monoplane, which set hundreds of cross country flight records in the 1930s. The pilot was Frank Hawks. It competed in the 1930 Chicago National Air Races. 'Texaco 13' was originally purchased by the...

9. Champaign County Plat Book Champaign County Plat Book Champaign County, Illinois; Champaign, Illinois; Maps; Plat book; 1930 Champaign County Plat Book

10. Women in daytime dresses Women in daytime dresses Fashion--History; Fashion industry; Clothing Photograph, b/w

11. Chicago and Alton train Chicago and Alton train Railroads--Illinois; Rail crossings; Chicago and Alton Railroad; Rail transportation; Railroad tracks; Railroad locomotives; Chicago; St. Louis; Kansas Photograph, b/w

12. B.F. Harris, II House, Champaign, Illinois - a selection of images B.F. Harris, II House, Champaign, Illinois - a selection of images Cattle; Railway; Banks; Household; Houses; Housing; Champaign, Illinois; Champaign County, Illinois Different views of the B.F. Harris II House.

13. Husking Hook Husking Hook McLean County, Illinois; Corn husking; Corn; Canvas; A corn husking hook was used to strip the ear from its outer covering. It attachs to the hand with canvas and maintains a sharp metal hook.

14. Chinch Bug Chinch Bug McLean County, Illinois; Insects; Corn The chinch bug in this drawing -- actual size is 1/16" -- destroyed millions of dollars worth of the corn in the 1930s.

15. Farm 46 in 1997 Farm 46 in 1997 McLean County, Illinois; Farms; Trees; Corn; Beans; Oats; This photo of a cornfield on Farm 46 near Heyworth in 1997 shows the difference in crop production today from that in the 1930s.

16. Metal Wheeled Tractor Metal Wheeled Tractor McLean County, Illinois; Tractors; Farmers; Farming; Wheels Three farmers in overalls look over the engine of a metal wheeled tractor in the 1930s as a well-dressed man sits on the machine with a jug.

17. Land Use on Adlai E. Stevenson Farm 46 in 1935 Land Use on Adlai E. Stevenson Farm 46 in 1935 McLean County, Illinois; Land use; Farms; Corn; Beans; Oats; Stevenson, Adlai Ewing, 1900-1965; Governors This drawing shows how the Adlai E. Stevenson Farm 46 sectioned off farmland for beans, corn, pasture, and oats in 1935. Adlai E. Stevenson was a Democratic Party politician and dipolomat. He was elected...

18. Grassed Waterway Grassed Waterway McLean County, Illinois; Waterways; Corn; Croplands; The development of grassed waterways in the late 1930s revolutionized the appearance of the Cornbelt.

19. Cultivating Soybeans with Horses Cultivating Soybeans with Horses McLean County, Illinois; Soybeans; Farmers; Farming; Horses; Croplands A farmer, pulled by two horses, cultivates his soybean crop about 1930.

20. Bloomington Pickle Factory Bloomington Pickle Factory McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Pickles; Factories; Vinegar industry; Railroads The Bloomington Pickle Factory manufactured pickles and vinegar in the 1920s and 1930s.
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