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1. Milburn Electric Car Milburn Electric Car Automobiles; Cars; Electric automobiles; Transportation; Land transportation; Toledo, Ohio A black and blue two-passenger, two-door electric car. The car has a tiller for steering, two headlights, one taillight, and four rubber tires.

2. Galvani's Apparatus Galvani's Apparatus Electrical experiments; Scientific experiments; Electricity; Electric current; Galvani, Luigi, 1737-1798 This is a replica of Luigi Galvaniā€™s 1780 apparatus. It includes a frictional electrostatic machine, insulating stand, a Leyden jar (a glass bottle coated inside with tinfoil and having a brass rod connected...

3. Henney Kilowatt Advertisement Henney Kilowatt Advertisement McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Advertisements; Electric automobiles; The Henney Kilowatt electric automobile, was produced by C. Russell Feldman and Henney Motor Car Company in 1953.

4. Cable Car Cable Car Chicago, Illinois; Cable cars; Trolley cars; Cable railroads; Rail transportation; Electric streetcars; Electric railroads The cable car is fifteen feet tall, eight feet wide, and twenty feet long. There are six two-person seats on each side. Its wooden seats are similar to bench seats found in a church. The cable car is made...

5. Torpedo the Axis! Torpedo the Axis! World War, 1939-1945--Great Britain; War posters, Great Britain; World War II Poster, color, 20 x 30 in., issued by The Admiralty and printed for H. M. Stationery Office.

6. Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus Physics; Nobel Prize; Nobel Laureate; Scientific experiments; Electrons A metal cylinder, approximately thirty-six inches tall and twenty-four inches in diameter with two internal horizontal plates and several openings used for lighting and viewing inside the cylinder.

7. U-505 Submarine U-505 Submarine Submarines; Submarine warfare; Sea battles; World War II; World War, 1939-1945; Transportation; Water transportation; German Navy The U-505 is 252 feet long, thirty-seven feet high at the conning tower and twenty-two feet wide at its widest point. Its maximum speed was 18.3 knots on the surface and 7.3 knots submerged. The submarine...

8. Spirit of America Racecar Spirit of America Racecar Racecars; Jet-powered racecars; Racing cars; Automobiles; World records; Speed records; Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah; Land transportation A jet-powered racecar. It has an elongated aerodynamic fuselage, which is supported by one large wheel in the front and two in back. The internal structure consists of welded tubular white metal welded...

9. Telegraph Line Telegraph Line Telegraph; Telegraph cable; Scientific inventions; Communication; Hammersmith, England; Inventions; Electric telegraph A twelve-inch length of wire with two sections of glass tubing used as insulation. The glass tubes are sealed at the joints with wax.

10. World War II German Submariner Uniform World War II German Submariner Uniform World War II; Military uniforms; Uniforms; Submarine warfare; Submarines; German Navy; Clothing & dress; Military history; A World War II German submariner leather uniform. Black leather jacket and pants with gold anchor buttons. Pants have leather suspenders buttoned to the pants at four points. The inside of the jacket is...

11. Postcard of the Lincoln Home (southwest view) Postcard of the Lincoln Home (southwest view) Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Home; Postcards; Mail Black and white photograph of the Lincoln Home from the southwest. House is white with black shutters. Large flagpole in corner behind fence. Lattice-type porch encloses front door. Square metal plaque...

12. 100 West Washington Street, Bloomington, Illinois 100 West Washington Street, Bloomington, Illinois Bloomington, Illinois; McLean County, Illinois; Street railroads; Photographs Photograph of Washington Street in Bloomington, Illinois in 1904. The image includes text describing each of the numbered items.
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