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1. Nigerian Ibeji Twin Figure Nigerian Ibeji Twin Figure Nigeria; Africa; Ritual objects; Sculptures; Figures A carved wooden male standing figure with short round base. The head is pointed with coiffure, scarification and facial features carved in low relief. The body is crudely articulated, probably because...

2. Ghana Fertility Figure (Akua'ba) Ghana Fertility Figure (Akua'ba) Ghana; Africa; Sculptures; Dolls; Asanti culture Carved wooden female figure is an abstraction, with a disproportionally large head. The cylindrical body stands on a short base and the tapering arms extend straight out from the body. The head is a nearly...

3. Nigerian Eshu Cult Figure Nigerian Eshu Cult Figure Nigeria; Africa; Worship figures; Yoruban culture; Carving This is a figure of a man, carved from dark wood, standing on a round base. The carved features include bulging eyes, a prominent forehead, and hair that starts on the forehead and extends back into a...

4. Inca clay figure Inca clay figure Incas; Incas--Pottery; Inca art; Pottery--Primitive Painted clay figure. Height 8.5 inches.

5. Aztec stone figure Aztec stone figure Aztecs; Aztec art; Sculpture Stone figure, carved from nephrite (a type of jade), inlay of unknown materials. Height 11.25 inches.

6. Slide, Magic Lantern Slide, Magic Lantern United States; Glass slide; Magic lantern; Lantern slide; Slide transparency; Lanterns; Entertainment; Toys; Toy A rectangular glass slide depicting five children. The first looks at the viewer full face, wears a ruffled collar and holds a whip behind his back; the second, in profile, wears a long coat, a blue feathered...

7. Nigerian Drum Nigerian Drum Nigeria; Africa; Sculptures; Musical instruments Carved wooden male figure kneels on short disk and supports a cylindrical hollow drum on his head and hands. Large eyes, a wide nose and closed mouth are carved on the face. The figure wears a simple loincloth....

8. Plate of Three Civil War Soldiers dressed in Zouave uniforms Plate of Three Civil War Soldiers dressed in Zouave uniforms United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Clothing--Outerwear--Uniform A full color plate of Major Felix Agnus, Colonel Harmon D. Hull, and an unknown officer from the 165th New York Volunteer Infantry (also known as the Second Battalion, Duryee Zouaves). This plate shows...

9. Three Liberty Dimes Three Liberty Dimes Pileus; Phrygian Cap; Liberty Cap; Coins; French Revolution; American Revolution; U.S. Mint; King Midas; Seated Liberty The 1864 dime has a wreath and says "United States of America." The other two coins just have the wreath. All three say "One Dime." The earliest dimes were called "dismes."

10. Aztec limestone plaque Aztec limestone plaque Aztecs; Aztec art Plaque, limestone. Size: 21.25 x 22 inches. From Chincultic, Chiapas.

11. Ghana Wooden Comb Ghana Wooden Comb Ghana; Africa; Hair; Ornaments; Carving; Asanti culture This narrow comb with nine round, tapered tines is carved in one piece from light-colored wood. The large, decorative carved handle is flat on the back but the front is carved in the form of a female figure....

12. Painting: Lady in a Garden Painting: Lady in a Garden American Impressionism; Painting; Oil on canvas; Palmer, Pauline, 1867-1938 A painting of a woman seated in a shaded part of a garden setting. She holds an Oriental parasol and wears a multi-color Oriental robe over a white gown. A table and another chair is beyond her. Dimensions...

13. I'm counting on you!; Don't discuss: troop movements, ship sailings, war equipment I'm counting on you!; Don't discuss: troop movements, ship sailings, war equipment National security; World War, 1939-1945--Social aspects--United States ; War posters, American ; World War II Poster, color, 7.5 x 10.5 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office

14. Four Indian Head Pennies, 1888 Four Indian Head Pennies, 1888 Coins; U.S. Mint; Bimetallic; Gold Standard The Indian Head pennies show the profile of an Indian maiden wearing a feather crown.

15. John F. Kennedy Half-Dollar, 1964 John F. Kennedy Half-Dollar, 1964 Coins; U.S. Mint The left-facing profile of President Kennedy is shown in a simple design with LIBERTY overhead, IN GOD WE TRUST just under the President's image, and the date along the bottom edge.

16. Standing Liberty Half-Dollar, 1945 Standing Liberty Half-Dollar, 1945 Coins; U.S. Mint Liberty is shown striding towards the left wearing a flowing gown and enfolded in a representation of the Stars and Stripes flying in the breeze. She walks towards a rising sun, symbolic of a new day....

17. Aztec stone jaguar vessel Aztec stone jaguar vessel Aztecs; Aztec art; Sculpture Vessel carved of volcanic stone. 87 x 47 x 37 inches (The bowl on the back of the figure measures 24.5 inches in diameter and 10.25 inches in depth.

18. Inca piece of handbag Inca piece of handbag Incas; Inca textile fabrics; Textile fabrics--Peru Woven piece of handbag, llama wool, design of human figure, bird, insect on red ground. 11 x 17 cm.

19. Framed print of George Washington Framed print of George Washington Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Washington, George, 1732-1799; Print; Prints; Art; Decor; Decoration; President Print of George Washington mounted on a white horse. Washington is lifting a cap over his head. Horse and background are white, ground below is green. In background is Washington's army. Washington is...

20. Guardian of water Guardian of water United States. Works Progress Administration; Federal Arts Project; Federal aid to the arts--United States; WPA; Sculpture Sculpture, granite, 12 feet in height
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