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1. Supermarine Spitfire Mark 1A Supermarine Spitfire Mark 1A Airplanes; Aircraft; Fighter planes; Battle of Britain; Aviation; World War II; World War, 1939-1945--Aerial operations; Air transportation; Southampton, England The Mark 1A Spitfire is a World War II fighter plane. It has a single seat, multiple guns, and a variety of other armaments. The length of the fuselage is approximately sixteen feet and the wingspan is...

2. Construction & Engineering Research Lab, Champaign, Illinois Construction & Engineering Research Lab, Champaign, Illinois Buildings; Champaign, Illinois; Technology; Industry 2902 Newmark Drive, Champaign (Interstate Research Park).

3. Stadium Terrace, Champaign, Illinois Stadium Terrace, Champaign, Illinois Buildings; Champaign, Illinois; Education; Housing; Students Stadium Terrace, 1946: Temporary housing to accommodate post-war rush of students at the University of Illinois

4. New York Central Steam Locomotive #999; New York Central Steam Locomotive #999; Rail transportation; Railroads; Steam locomotives; New York City; Chicago, Illinois; Columbian Exposition; World records; Speed records The New York Central 999 steam locomotive and fuel car measure approximately sixteen feet tall, ten feet wide, and forty-eight feet long. The driving wheels are seven feet, two inches tall. The locomotive...

5. Orient Motor Buckboard Orient Motor Buckboard Automobiles; Cars; Transportation; Land transportation; World's Fair; St. Louis Exhibition; Patents; Waltham, Massachusetts A flat board automobile with an air-cooled engine in the rear, a tiller for steering, curved wooden cycle fenders, and four wooden wheels with wire spokes.

6. Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' Airplanes; Biplanes; Air transportation; Aviation; Barnstorming; World's Fair; A Century of Progress The Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' is a single-engine biplane. The 'Jenny's' fuselage is painted black and silver, its propeller is black, and its wings are yellow. The plane's height is approximately ten feet,...

7. Museum of Science and Industry Cornerstone Museum of Science and Industry Cornerstone Cornerstones; Time capsules; Scientific experiments; Viruses; Bacteria; Chemistry; Physics; Duplicates of physically of biologically "alive" experiments in tubes laid in the Museum of Science and Industry's Cornerstone in 1952. Specifically, these tubes contain: slow crystallization, lotus seeds,...

8. Wooden Water Pipe Wooden Water Pipe Water; Pipes; Water supply; Water system; Plumbing; Chicago, Illinois; This water pipe is two sections of hollowed-out wooden logs connected by a smaller wooden tube that bisects the center of each log. The dimensions of the two large wooden logs are ten inches in diameter....

9. Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus Physics; Nobel Prize; Nobel Laureate; Scientific experiments; Electrons A metal cylinder, approximately thirty-six inches tall and twenty-four inches in diameter with two internal horizontal plates and several openings used for lighting and viewing inside the cylinder.

10. Milburn Electric Car Milburn Electric Car Automobiles; Cars; Electric automobiles; Transportation; Land transportation; Toledo, Ohio A black and blue two-passenger, two-door electric car. The car has a tiller for steering, two headlights, one taillight, and four rubber tires.

11. Sears Motor Buggy, Model P Sears Motor Buggy, Model P Automobiles; Cars; Motorized buggy; Land transportation; Transportation; Chicago, Illinois The Sears, Roebuck and Co. Motor Buggy Model 'P' automobile seats four passengers. It has carriage wheels and a tiller for steering. The spring wagon body is made of pressed steel. The two-cylinder engine...

12. U-505 Submarine U-505 Submarine Submarines; Submarine warfare; Sea battles; World War II; World War, 1939-1945; Transportation; Water transportation; German Navy The U-505 is 252 feet long, thirty-seven feet high at the conning tower and twenty-two feet wide at its widest point. Its maximum speed was 18.3 knots on the surface and 7.3 knots submerged. The submarine...

13. Spirit of America Racecar Spirit of America Racecar Racecars; Jet-powered racecars; Racing cars; Automobiles; World records; Speed records; Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah; Land transportation A jet-powered racecar. It has an elongated aerodynamic fuselage, which is supported by one large wheel in the front and two in back. The internal structure consists of welded tubular white metal welded...

14. 1914 Model T Ford 1914 Model T Ford Automobiles; Cars; Land transportation; Detroit, Michigan A black, four-passenger, three-door car, with a black leather top, a two-piece folding windshield, and four black leather seats. On the exterior are two running boards, two headlights, one rear lantern-shaped...

15. IBM 1401 Computer IBM 1401 Computer Computers; Technology; Education; International Business Machines (IBM); The IBM 1401 Computer, which was used largely as an input-output device for the IBM 7090 Computer.

16. Marbles found on Lincoln Home site Marbles found on Lincoln Home site Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Marble; Games; Children Various glass and clay marbles, found during archaeological surveys of the Lincoln Home site. The marbles vary in age and appearance. Diam. 0.8-2.5 cm.

17. Kneading table from Antebellum Springfield, IL Kneading table from Antebellum Springfield, IL Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Furniture; Furnishings; Table; Cooking Large wooden kitchen work table. Five legs. Tin-lined flour bin holds approximately 25 pounds of flour; one drawer. L 58 1/2" x H 30" x W 31".

18. Holger Cahill Holger Cahill United States. Works Progress Administration; Federal Arts Project; Federal aid to the arts--United States; WPA Photograph, b/w
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