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1. 'Monta' Mower 'Monta' Mower Suburban life; Lawn mowing; Mowing machines; "Monta" mower. Long (48.25) inch wooden T-shaped handle attached to a metal cutting unit by one large bolt. Nine disk-shaped gears are mounted on a horizontal shaft and attached by two brackets, each with...

2. Heafer Tile Company in Bloomington Heafer Tile Company in Bloomington McLean County, Illinois; Factories; Tiles; Drainage; Smokestacks; Edgar Heafer's tile plant, the Heafer Tile Company, produced many tiles for field drainage.

3. New York Central Steam Locomotive #999; New York Central Steam Locomotive #999; Rail transportation; Railroads; Steam locomotives; New York City; Chicago, Illinois; Columbian Exposition; World records; Speed records The New York Central 999 steam locomotive and fuel car measure approximately sixteen feet tall, ten feet wide, and forty-eight feet long. The driving wheels are seven feet, two inches tall. The locomotive...

4. Pioneer Zephyr Pioneer Zephyr Railroads; Rail transportation; Trains; Streamline design; Art Moderne; Art Deco; Diesel locomotives; World's Fair; A Century of Progress; Speed records; A streamlined stainless steel high-speed motor three-car train, powered by a 600 horsepower diesel engine. The train is 197 feet long. It weighs ninety-eight tons.

5. French Trade Bucket Bale/Ear French Trade Bucket Bale/Ear Fur trade; Bucket bale; French artifacts; Metalwork; Metallurgy; Explorers; Trade item; Kettles The diameter of the rim is 12.2 cm. The height of the bale ears is 5.7 cm. The bucket bale is made of iron. The bale ears are welded to the rim. The lower portion of the bucket would have been made out...

6. Native American Cradle Board Native American Cradle Board Native American; American Indian; Indians of North America; Baby; Cradle; Infant Baby cradle board made of pine wood. Curved wood at the top is attached in three places with leather strips. One end is square, the other is scalloped with 6 scallops. Carvings on both sides of scalloped...

7. Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Boston Copp's Hill Burying Ground, Boston American Revolution; Bunker Hill; 'Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes.' An 18th century burying ground in Boston, which contains many old tombstones.

8. Illinois State Fair Illinois State Fair Celebrations; Festivals; Fairs Web site of the Illinois State Fair

9. Wm. Deering and Co. Manufacturers of Harvesting Machinery Wm. Deering and Co. Manufacturers of Harvesting Machinery Agricultural implement industry; Agricultural innovations; Deering, William Trade catalog from Wm. Deering and Company. Dimensions: 7.5 x 10.25

10. Swift Illustrated Swift Illustrated Meat industry and trade; Packing-houses; Beef packers; Margarine; Lard; Cleaning compound industry; Soap factories; Swift and Company Trade catalog from Swift and Company. Dimensions are 4.25" x 6".

11. Wheel, Spinning Wheel, Spinning Spinning; Norway; Flax; Emigration & immigration; Thread; Expansion; Clothing & dress; Women; Pioneers; Black painted wooden spinning wheel. Four turned legs mortised through a horizontal bench. Two turned poles support a large wheel with turned spokes. Two bobbin holders mounted on a flat bench. Hand forged...

12. Advertisement of Detasselers Advertisement of Detasselers McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Advertisements; World War II; Women Advertisement and photograph of detasselers during World War II.

13. Japanese Bisque Happifat Doll Japanese Bisque Happifat Doll Japan; United States; Happifat dolls; American pop culture; Nippon dolls; Glandular diseases; Japanese doll industry Bisque molded doll. It is all one piece except for the moveable detached arms. The arms are moveable by means of a connected elastic thread. The face has painted eyes with eyelashes. The smiling open mouth...

14. Frozen Charlotte Doll Frozen Charlotte Doll American folk ballads; Frozen Charlotte; All-bisque dolls; Folklore; German dolls; German doll industry; European toy markets A German "Frozen Charlotte" doll with painted black hair. The face has pink cheeks, red lips, and black eyes. The doll is enclosed in a pink cloth pouch adorned with attached green flowers. The doll also...

15. Patsy Tinyette; EffanBee Durable Patsy Dolls; Patsy Tinyette; EffanBee Durable Patsy Dolls; EffanBee Toy Company; Doll clothes; Patsy dolls; U.S. toy industry; American fan clubs A composition doll with moveable arms, legs, and head by ball and joint. The hair is molded, the face has painted eyes with eyelashes and lips. She is dressed in a red plaid shirt and white underwear....

16. Paper Boy Doll Paper Boy Doll Paper dolls; Mass consumer market; McLaughlin's Coffee; American pop culture; Advertising; History This is a paper boy doll dressed in gray knee pants and a white blouse with a wide, frilly collar and a big red bow. He is carrying a toy whip behind him.

17. All-Bisque Kewpie Doll - Reissued Version All-Bisque Kewpie Doll - Reissued Version Reissued dolls; All-bisque dolls; Kewpie dolls; American pop culture; O'Neill, Rose, 1874-1944; This is a Kewpie doll with an all-bisque body. It has blue wings on each side of the shoulders. The arms are missing and there is light brown hair painted down the center and back of the head. The cheeks,...

18. All-Bisque Japanese Baby Doll All-Bisque Japanese Baby Doll Japanese doll industry; American pop culture; Patent laws; All-bisque dolls; Japanese exports; World War I This is an all-bisque baby doll that has moveable arms. The doll has a painted face with features including black eyes, pink cheeks, red lips, and light colored hair.

19. Cloth Diana Jemima Doll Cloth Diana Jemima Doll Advertising; Rag dolls; R.T. Davis Mill Company; African American; Stereotypes; American pop culture This is a printed cloth African American girl doll that is holding a smaller doll. The larger doll has printed dark eyes and red lips. She wears a polka-dotted coverall. "Diana Jemima" is written near...

20. Lamp, whale oil Lamp, whale oil Whale; Whales; Oil lamp; Whale oil; United States; Light; Lighting device; Ship; Iron Whale oil lamp. This iron standing lamp has an open cylindrical reservoir which cants (swings).
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