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1. Patriotic ribbon Patriotic ribbon Patriotism; Celebrations; Fourth of July celebrations; Gifford, Illinois; Patriotic ribbon in red, white, and blue. Bow at the top with one white, red, and blue streamer. Red streamer has the following inscription: "July 4th 1908, Daisy Hickman, Gifford, '08".

2. Screwdriver Screwdriver Equipment; Hand forged; Screwdriver; Chesebro Blacksmith Shop; Blacksmithing; Iron; Hand made screwdriver with 5" oval handle. Painted black with a twisted head. 13" long.

3. Wheel, Spinning Wheel, Spinning Spinning; Norway; Flax; Emigration & immigration; Thread; Expansion; Clothing & dress; Women; Pioneers; Black painted wooden spinning wheel. Four turned legs mortised through a horizontal bench. Two turned poles support a large wheel with turned spokes. Two bobbin holders mounted on a flat bench. Hand forged...

4. Sweeper, Carpet Sweeper, Carpet Houses; Housework; Women; Bissel; Suburban life; Sweeping & dusting; Wooden long handled carpet sweeper with wooden handle. Rotating brush system attached to a steel roller. Four wheels in rotating assembly. Marked: "Bissel's Grand Rapids Cycoball Bearing".

5. Cutter, Sugar Cutter, Sugar Sugar; Pioneers; Cookery; Food; Sugar cutter made from iron with a wooden handle. Made by AK and Sons.

6. Candlestick Candlestick Candlesticks; Wax; Pioneers; Lighting; Tallow; Tin hog-scraper style candlestick. Has a round concave base with a tin cylinder protruding upwards from the center and a flattened lip with a short flat handle. 5" high. Candle drippings cover the entire...

7. Tile, Drainage Tile, Drainage Drainage; Farming; Farmers; Agriculture; History; Champaign County, Illinois Long Ceramic Field Tile. Trumpet-shaped with flared end at the bottom. Tapererd with an enlarged ring and narrow fitting rim on the other end. Hand thrown.

8. Jack wagon Jack wagon Jack wagon; Covered wagons; Distribution & Transportation Accessory; Westward movement; Carved wooden wagon jack. Painted red. Forged base with two pronged feet and a plate on the side with a cogwheel and a twisted-shank handle. Forged bar inside the jack raises and lowers on the cog wheel...

9. Lantern, Candle Lantern, Candle Lanterns; Tin; Revere, Paul, 1734-1818; Pioneers; Revolutionary War; Lighting; Candlesticks; Pierced tin lantern with a white and black streaked horn window on a hinged door. Cylindrical body with a flat base and cone-shaped crown of pierced tin. Ribbed flat tin bracket and loop riveted to bracket...

10. Concord Coach Concord Coach Land transportation; Road coach; Transportation; Mail coaches; Concord, New Hampshire; Passenger coaches; Mail delivery; Stagecoaches A nine passenger, Eastern-style Concord road coach. Originally the coach’s body was painted red and its carriage yellow, but the coach has been over painted with the exception of the door scenes. Its...

11. Octave Chanute Glider Model Octave Chanute Glider Model Gliders; Aviation; Air transportation; Wright, Orville, 1871-1948; Wright, Wilbur, 1867-1912; Transportation; Models; Aircraft The Octave Chanute Glider model is a one-quarter the scale prototype of a full sized glider. Its dimensions are: the height is eight inches high, thirty-six inches wide, forty-eight inches long. The glider...

12. Candlestick, Miner's Candlestick, Miner's Coal; Natural resources; Mining; Environment; Miners; Light; Wrought iron miner's candlestick with adjustable candle holder and spike for driving into the wall of a mine.

13. Machine, Sewing Machine, Sewing Sewing; Clothing & dress; Sewing machine; Economics; Singer; Technology; Women; Black cast iron Singer brand sewing machine in an oak vaneered case with a lid and two drawers per side. Cast iron bracket legs and treadle. Leather drive belt on the drive wheel at the side.

14. Negative, Glass-plate Negative, Glass-plate Illinois; Clothing & dress; Champaign County, Illinois; Photography; Childhood & youth; Education; Wright, Zay; Partial glass plate negative. Picture of Zay Wright in the yard standing under a tree. She is dressed in a white ruffled mid-length dress. She's wearing white sandals with heels, stockings, and has a large...

15. Lamp, Oil Lamp, Oil Oil; Pioneers; Lamps; Lighting; Light; Labor; Mining; Whale; Coal; Tin whale oil miner's lamp. Small cylindrical shaped whale oil lamp with a removable cap and a wick tube in the center. The bottom of the lamp has a sharp "v" shaped point which has been soldered on to...

16. Planter, Hand Planter, Hand Farming; Farmers; Appliances; Corn; Agriculture; Illinois; 1. Homemade corn planter, painted blue. No distinguishing marks. Has handle, seed hopper and hand-lever. 2. Wooden planter. Long square body, flat on one side and tapers to a blunt point on the front....

17. Flask, Powder Flask, Powder Flask, Powder; Revolutionary War; Hunting; Arms & armament; Military art & science; Brown leather tear-drop shaped flask with a brass nozzle and powder measure built in. Spring-loaded lever opens the base, then the flask. Raised picture of a dog (a retriever) under a tree is on both sides...

18. Bedkey and Folding Bed Bedkey and Folding Bed Bed, Folding; Log cabins; Bedkey; Pioneers; Settlers; Westward movement; Sleep tight! Bedkey and folding rope bed

19. Lamp, whale oil Lamp, whale oil Whale; Whales; Oil lamp; Whale oil; United States; Light; Lighting device; Hand-blown glass; Glassware Whale oil lamp. It has a hand blown glass lamp reservoir pegged into a crude piece of wood.

20. Lamp, Whale Oil Lamp, Whale Oil Whale; Whales; Oil lamp; Whale oil; United States; Light; Lighting device; Pressed glass; Glass; Sandwich glass; American glass Pressed glass lamp reservoir with intricate designs in an inverted pear shape. The reservoir is capped with a tin fixture holding the typical double wick of the whale oil lamp.
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