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1. Cahokia Village Cahokia Village French Colonial Period; French Colonial District; Agriculture; Cahokia, Illinois; Jarrot, Nicholas, 1764-1820; Winter Winter scene at Cahokia from a lithograph by J. S. Wild, published in 1841. Horses roam freely in the Commons. A couple in a sleigh are pulled by a horse. Another couple walks in the snow, the woman keeping...

2. Hobo camp Hobo camp United States--Social conditions; United States--Economic conditions; Depressions--1929--United States; Dust Bowl; Tramps--United States; Hobo jungle; Hoboes; Railroad tracks Photograph, b/w

3. Untrimmed Osage Orange Hedge Row Untrimmed Osage Orange Hedge Row McLean County, Illinois; Hedges (Plants); Fencing This Osage orange hedgerow in Blue Mound Township, McLean County, has remained untrimmed for many years.

4. Stalk Rake Stalk Rake McLean County, Illinois; Raking (Sweeping); Farming; Farmers; Equipment; This 19th century stalk rake was used to remove stalks in the field from the previous year's corn.

5. Flat Bottom Drain Tile Flat Bottom Drain Tile McLean County, Illinois; Tiles; Drainage; This drain tile was made of clay and used for drainage of fields. It has a flat bottom and is 2-4 inches in diameter.

6. Panya Ngombe Face Mask Panya Ngombe Face Mask Zaire; Africa; Masks; Emblems of office; Pende This triangular wood mask is nearly flat and painted all over with a reddish paint. A narrow band of alternating black and white triangles is painted along the outer edge of the face from eye to eye along...

7. Earthworks Porch, Urbana, Illinois Earthworks Porch, Urbana, Illinois Buildings; Urbana, Illinois; 1312 W. Main Street, Urbana.

8. Disk-Tec Incorporated, Champaign, Illinois Disk-Tec Incorporated, Champaign, Illinois Buildings; Champaign, Illinois; Industry; Technology Disk-Tec Incorporated, 1401 Interstate Drive, Interstate Research Park, Champaign.

9. Print: Loading Corn Print: Loading Corn Prints; Lithographs; Landscape; American Regionalism; Benton, Thomas H., 1889-1975; Corn; Harvesting; Carts & wagons A print of two workers loading harvested corn onto a mule drawn wagon amidst five shocks of corn stalks, probably late afternoon. A stream is visible in the right foreground. More fields rise in the middle-ground...

10. Painting: Illinois Landscape #90 Painting: Illinois Landscape #90 Painting; Landscape; Photo realism; Panorama; Gregor, Harold, 1929- A painting of a panoramic view of gently rolling, rich farmland in early springtime. Hedgerows of trees along some field edges, clumps of trees at other places, farmhouse in background towards right end...

11. Painting: Prairie Landscape Painting: Prairie Landscape Painting; Landscape; Peyraud, Frank, 1958-1948; Oil on canvas A painting of flat fields under a blue sky with large white clouds, three large haystacks by a tall tree in the center and trees along the distant horizon. Sight dimensions are 31-1/4" x 39-1/4"; framed...

12. Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' Airplanes; Biplanes; Air transportation; Aviation; Barnstorming; World's Fair; A Century of Progress The Curtiss JU-4D 'Jenny' is a single-engine biplane. The 'Jenny's' fuselage is painted black and silver, its propeller is black, and its wings are yellow. The plane's height is approximately ten feet,...

13. Athletic Field, Wright St., University Ave., and Romine St., Urbana, Illinois Athletic Field, Wright St., University Ave., and Romine St., Urbana, Illinois Urbana, Illinois; Champaign County, Illinois; Fields; Athletics Wright Street, University Avenue, Romine Street, Urbana, Illinois.

14. Inca sleeveless tunic Inca sleeveless tunic Incas; Inca textile fabrics; Textile fabrics--Peru Tunic, probably wool. Length 32.25 inches.

15. Plowing Plowing McLean County, Illinois; Agriculture; Plowing; Two men and their horses plow fields near Bloomington, Illinois.

16. Reward Broadside Reward Broadside Slavery; Fugitive slaves; Civil War This notice states: "100 DOLLAR REWARD. Rannaway from the subscriber, on Monday, June 15, a negro woman, NELLY FORREST. She is about 45 years old, chunky built, large pouting mouth, good teeth, high cheekbones,...

17. Marking Cornfield Marking Cornfield McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Farming; Farmers; This drawing of a hand-held planter shows a farmer planting in evenly-marked spaces.

18. James Wilson Jessee James Wilson Jessee McLean County, Illinois; Civil War; Soldiers; Farmers; Farming A veteran of the Civil War, James Wilson Jessee worked as a farmhand after the war.

19. Cattle Crossing Broken Fence Cattle Crossing Broken Fence McLean County, Illinois; Fences; Fencing; Livestock; Cattle; Swine; This drawing shows how cattle and other livestock would wander beyond farms if proper fencing was not installed.

20. Beebee's Patent Cure for Balkiness in Horses Advertisement Beebee's Patent Cure for Balkiness in Horses Advertisement McLean County, Illinois; Horses; Mules; Patents; Advertisements This is an ad for a patent to prevent balkiness in horses and mules. Balkiness is an unwillingness of the horse to move forward. Horses sometimes become balky due to physical ailments such as sharp teeth,...
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