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1. Hand written letter by Abraham Lincoln Hand written letter by Abraham Lincoln Lincoln-Douglas Debates Republican Party Cunningham, Joseph O. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Yours of the 18th. signed as Secretary of the Rep. Club, is received. In the matter of making speeches I am a good [deal] pressed by invitations from almost all quarters; and while I hope to be at Urbana...

2. Husking Corn By Hand Husking Corn By Hand McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Employees; Migrant agricultural laborers; A migrant worker husks corn by hand in a cornfield in McLean County about 1910.

3. Nigerian Eshu Cult Figure Nigerian Eshu Cult Figure Nigeria; Africa; Worship figures; Yoruban culture; Carving This is a figure of a man, carved from dark wood, standing on a round base. The carved features include bulging eyes, a prominent forehead, and hair that starts on the forehead and extends back into a...

4. Screwdriver Screwdriver Equipment; Hand forged; Screwdriver; Chesebro Blacksmith Shop; Blacksmithing; Iron; Hand made screwdriver with 5" oval handle. Painted black with a twisted head. 13" long.

5. Liberty Half-Dollar, 1857 Liberty Half-Dollar, 1857 Coins; U.S. Mint; Liberty Cap The seated Liberty is show with her right hand resting on a shield; in her left hand is a pole with the liberty cap on the end. Overhead are thirteen stars representing the thirteen colonies, and below...

6. Planter, Hand Planter, Hand Farming; Farmers; Appliances; Corn; Agriculture; Illinois; 1. Homemade corn planter, painted blue. No distinguishing marks. Has handle, seed hopper and hand-lever. 2. Wooden planter. Long square body, flat on one side and tapers to a blunt point on the front....

7. Lamp, whale oil Lamp, whale oil Whale; Whales; Oil lamp; Whale oil; United States; Light; Lighting device; Hand-blown glass; Glassware Whale oil lamp. It has a hand blown glass lamp reservoir pegged into a crude piece of wood.

8. Carved Bone Hand Carved Bone Hand Kickapoo Nation; Commerce; Frontier & pioneer life; Gloves; Indians of North America This carved bone hand was used in glove-making. Glove-making was one of the early cottage industries of pioneer Illinois.

9. Melvin Hendricks on Tractor Melvin Hendricks on Tractor McLean County, Illinois; Farmers; Farms; Farming; Tractors Melvin Hendricks, a farm hand, uses one of the first tractors in McLean County in 1935.

10. Marion's Hired Hand Marion's Hired Hand McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Farmhands; Migrant agricultural laborers; This farmhand in Blue Mound Township, McLean County, Illinois, wears a large straw hat and overalls. He sits cross-legged with his hand to his mouth. He has a mustache.

11. Tile, Drainage Tile, Drainage Drainage; Farming; Farmers; Agriculture; History; Champaign County, Illinois Long Ceramic Field Tile. Trumpet-shaped with flared end at the bottom. Tapererd with an enlarged ring and narrow fitting rim on the other end. Hand thrown.

12. Local Indian Traditions Local Indian Traditions Kickapoo Nation; Custer, Milo, 1880-; Bloomington, Illinois; Indians of North America Milo Custer's 1914 account of local indian traditions (7 pages).

13. Nigerian House of the Head Personal Shrine Nigerian House of the Head Personal Shrine Nigeria; Africa; Containers; Yoruban culture; Ritual objects The round leather container with flat bottom is made in the shape of a royal African crown. The inward sloping sides are covered with fabric onto which cowrie shells are stitched; four small framed mirrors...

14. Native American Moccasins (pair) Native American Moccasins (pair) Footwear; Moccasins; Clothing & dress; Apparel; Native American; Indians of North America; Shoes; Leather; Algonquin Moccasins are footwear made of leather. This pair has soft deerskin uppers and hardened rawhide soles; they are stitched entirely by hand. The uppers are decorated with white, red and blue beads sewn on...

15. University of Illinois Architecture Building University of Illinois Architecture Building Champaign County, Illinois; Buildings; Education; Architecture 608 E. Lorado Taft Drive, Champaign.

16. Print: Our Good Earth Print: Our Good Earth Prints; Lithographs; Landscape; American Regionalism; Curry, John Steuart, 1897-1946; Farmers; Farm life; Children; Childhood & youth A print of a brawny farmer standing in a wheat field on a windy day, flanked by a young girl and boy and grasping three wheat stalks in his right hand. His head is turned toward his left. Two buildings...

17. National Semi-Racing Roadster National Semi-Racing Roadster Cars; Automobiles; Racing cars; Racecars; Indianapolis, Indiana; Land transportation The 1913 National Semi-Racing Roadster is a two-passenger automobile. Its engine and hand crank are in the front. There are two large, tube-shaped gasoline tanks behind driver's seat. Behind the gas tanks...

18. Bernardi Automobile Bernardi Automobile Automobiles; Cars; Transportation; Land transportation; Engines; Verona, Italy The Bernardi is a two-passenger automobile painted black with red trim. It has three wheels, two in the front and one in the rear. The small steering wheel is on the right side next to the brake handle....

19. Milburn Electric Car Milburn Electric Car Automobiles; Cars; Electric automobiles; Transportation; Land transportation; Toledo, Ohio A black and blue two-passenger, two-door electric car. The car has a tiller for steering, two headlights, one taillight, and four rubber tires.

20. 1914 Model T Ford 1914 Model T Ford Automobiles; Cars; Land transportation; Detroit, Michigan A black, four-passenger, three-door car, with a black leather top, a two-piece folding windshield, and four black leather seats. On the exterior are two running boards, two headlights, one rear lantern-shaped...
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