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1. Digital Computer, 'electronic brain' at the University of Illinois Digital Computer, 'electronic brain' at the University of Illinois Computers; Technology; Education; ILLIAC; International Business Machines (IBM); "In five hours [the ILLIAC] can complete problems which would take the working lifetime of a skilled mathematician. Shown working with it are Miss Ramona J. Russell, computer operator, and Jack O. Neuhaus,...

2. Cahokia Courthouse Cahokia Courthouse Courthouses; French Colonial Period; French Colonial District; Vertical log construction; Cahokia, Illinois Images of Cahokia Courthouse from different angles

3. Great Sphinx of Gizeh Great Sphinx of Gizeh Gizeh, Egypt; Africa; Sphinx Black and white stereograph slide, #T 233 from Tour of the World, vol 5 and 6.

4. Boeing 727 Jetliner Boeing 727 Jetliner Airplanes; Jets; Jetliners; Air transportation; Aircraft; Commercial air travel The Boeing 727 passenger jet is thirty-four feet tall, 137 feet long, with a wingspan of 110 feet. When the plane is empty it weighs 80,602 pounds; at full capacity with crew, passengers, and cargo, it...

5. Three Liberty Dimes Three Liberty Dimes Pileus; Phrygian Cap; Liberty Cap; Coins; French Revolution; American Revolution; U.S. Mint; King Midas; Seated Liberty The 1864 dime has a wreath and says "United States of America." The other two coins just have the wreath. All three say "One Dime." The earliest dimes were called "dismes."

6. Liberty Head Nickels, Reverse and Obverse: 1888 Liberty Head Nickels, Reverse and Obverse: 1888 Coins; U.S. Mint; E PLURIBUS UNUM; Reeding The coin with the reverse reads "V" "Cents", "United States of America," and in small letters, "E Pluribus Unum." There is also a wreath. The coin with the obverse side show a Grecian profile of Liberty...

7. Four Indian Head Pennies, 1888 Four Indian Head Pennies, 1888 Coins; U.S. Mint; Bimetallic; Gold Standard The Indian Head pennies show the profile of an Indian maiden wearing a feather crown.

8. Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle Castles; Movie stars; Films; Movies; Motion pictures; Architecture; Miniatures; Fairy tales; Fairies; Hollywood, California Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle is 8 feet, 7 inches in length; 8 feet, 2 inches wide; with the tallest tower standing at 7 feet, 7 inches. It has intricate systems of running water and electricity. It is...

9. Sears Motor Buggy, Model P Sears Motor Buggy, Model P Automobiles; Cars; Motorized buggy; Land transportation; Transportation; Chicago, Illinois The Sears, Roebuck and Co. Motor Buggy Model 'P' automobile seats four passengers. It has carriage wheels and a tiller for steering. The spring wagon body is made of pressed steel. The two-cylinder engine...

10. Susan B. Anthony Dollar, 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar, 1979 Coins; U.S. Mint; Women's Rights A right-facing profile of the suffragette is surrounded by a circle of thirteen stars the word LIBERTY, to the right, IN GOD WE TRUST, and below the date.

11. Ghana Fertility Figure (Akua'ba) Ghana Fertility Figure (Akua'ba) Ghana; Africa; Sculptures; Dolls; Asanti culture Carved wooden female figure is an abstraction, with a disproportionally large head. The cylindrical body stands on a short base and the tapering arms extend straight out from the body. The head is a nearly...

12. Amet Magniscope Amet Magniscope Film projectors; Movie projectors; Motion picture projectors; Inventions; Cinematography; Cinema; Waukegan, Illinois Thirty-five millimeter film projector made of tin, galvanized metal and brass. It has two film reels and sits on a wood base.

13. Paul Revere House Paul Revere House Boston; Midnight ride; American Revolution; Colonialists; Patriot Built about 1660, this house is the oldest building in downtown Boston. Paul Revere lived in it from 1770 to 1800.

14. Confederate Five Dollar Bill Confederate Five Dollar Bill Civil War; Currency; Money This five-dollar note is from The Augusta Insurance and Banking Company. The number 205 appears and "Will pay FIVE DOLLARS to bearer on demand." Then there is the word "Augusta," followed by an illegible...

15. Wheel, Spinning Wheel, Spinning Spinning; Norway; Flax; Emigration & immigration; Thread; Expansion; Clothing & dress; Women; Pioneers; Black painted wooden spinning wheel. Four turned legs mortised through a horizontal bench. Two turned poles support a large wheel with turned spokes. Two bobbin holders mounted on a flat bench. Hand forged...

16. All-Bisque German Infant Doll All-Bisque German Infant Doll Germany; United States; Candy shop dolls; American pop culture; All-bisque dolls; Country life; Children; German doll industry (right) This is an all-bisque German swivel-neck infant with moveable arms and legs. It has painted light brown hair, blue eyes, and red lips. It has marks on the back of the head that read '682/10 1/2...

17. Local Indian Traditions Local Indian Traditions Kickapoo Nation; Custer, Milo, 1880-; Bloomington, Illinois; Indians of North America Milo Custer's 1914 account of local indian traditions (7 pages).

18. Assembly Hall, University of Illinois Assembly Hall, University of Illinois Buildings; Champaign, Illinois The University of Illinois Assembly Hall at Fourth Street and Florida Avenue, Champaign, is a center for sports, entertainment and convention. It was opened on Honors Day, May 3, 1963. It was designed...

19. University of Illinois YMCA, Champaign, Illinois University of Illinois YMCA, Champaign, Illinois Champaign, Illinois; Buildings; Education; 725 S. Wright Street, Champaign.

20. Pioneer Zephyr Pioneer Zephyr Railroads; Rail transportation; Trains; Streamline design; Art Moderne; Art Deco; Diesel locomotives; World's Fair; A Century of Progress; Speed records; A streamlined stainless steel high-speed motor three-car train, powered by a 600 horsepower diesel engine. The train is 197 feet long. It weighs ninety-eight tons.
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