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1. Ghana Fertility Figure (Akua'ba) Ghana Fertility Figure (Akua'ba) Ghana; Africa; Sculptures; Dolls; Asanti culture Carved wooden female figure is an abstraction, with a disproportionally large head. The cylindrical body stands on a short base and the tapering arms extend straight out from the body. The head is a nearly...

2. Panya Ngombe Face Mask Panya Ngombe Face Mask Zaire; Africa; Masks; Emblems of office; Pende This triangular wood mask is nearly flat and painted all over with a reddish paint. A narrow band of alternating black and white triangles is painted along the outer edge of the face from eye to eye along...

3. Nigerian Drum Nigerian Drum Nigeria; Africa; Sculptures; Musical instruments Carved wooden male figure kneels on short disk and supports a cylindrical hollow drum on his head and hands. Large eyes, a wide nose and closed mouth are carved on the face. The figure wears a simple loincloth....

4. Nigerian Cap Mask Nigerian Cap Mask Africa; Masks; Ritual objects; Nigeria; Dancers This wooden mask is hollow and made to set atop a dancer's head. The face has almond-shaped eyes with round holes cut through the middle; a wide, flattened nose, a closed mouth with full lips; almond-shaped...

5. Japanese Bisque Happifat Doll Japanese Bisque Happifat Doll Japan; United States; Happifat dolls; American pop culture; Nippon dolls; Glandular diseases; Japanese doll industry Bisque molded doll. It is all one piece except for the moveable detached arms. The arms are moveable by means of a connected elastic thread. The face has painted eyes with eyelashes. The smiling open mouth...

6. Lamp, Camphene Lamp, Camphene Whale oil; Whale; Whaling; Lighting device; Light; Camphene; Lamps A wooden base holds a pressed glass reservoir which has a square peg at the base to hold it into the wood. The glass is square with rounded shoulders and leads to a narrow mouth which has a threaded tin...

7. Reward Broadside Reward Broadside Slavery; Fugitive slaves; Civil War This notice states: "100 DOLLAR REWARD. Rannaway from the subscriber, on Monday, June 15, a negro woman, NELLY FORREST. She is about 45 years old, chunky built, large pouting mouth, good teeth, high cheekbones,...

8. Portrait of Jacques Marquette Portrait of Jacques Marquette Discovery & exploration; French Colonial Period; Fur trade; Missionaries; Marquette, Pere Jacques, 1636-1675; Joliet, Louis, 1645-1700 This well-known image of Father (Pere) Marquette is from a painting by an unknown artist.

9. Voyageurs in a canoe Voyageurs in a canoe French Colonial Period; Transportation; Fur trade; Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909; Voyageurs; Drawing by Frederic Remington. Sometimes the voyageurs transported passengers, as well as cargo.

10. 18372--Illinois River and Valley from Starved Rock, New State Park, Ill. 18372--Illinois River and Valley from Starved Rock, New State Park, Ill. Illinois River; Starved Rock State Park, Illinois; Kaskaskia Indians; Marquette, Pere Jacques, 1636-1675; Joliet, Louis, 1645-1700; Indians of North America Black and white stereograph slide showing the Illinois River.

11. Marion's Hired Hand Marion's Hired Hand McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Farmhands; Migrant agricultural laborers; This farmhand in Blue Mound Township, McLean County, Illinois, wears a large straw hat and overalls. He sits cross-legged with his hand to his mouth. He has a mustache.

12. Armand Marseille All-Bisque Infant Doll Armand Marseille All-Bisque Infant Doll Germany; United States; All-bisque dolls; German artistry; German dolls; American pop culture; Marseille, Armand (German Doll Manufacturer) A bisque head doll with 'sleepy eyes', an open mouth that has two applied teeth in red lips. It has pink cheeks and brown hair which is brush stroked. The body of the doll is jointed with moveable arms...
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