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1. Concord Coach Concord Coach Land transportation; Road coach; Transportation; Mail coaches; Concord, New Hampshire; Passenger coaches; Mail delivery; Stagecoaches A nine passenger, Eastern-style Concord road coach. Originally the coach’s body was painted red and its carriage yellow, but the coach has been over painted with the exception of the door scenes. Its...

2. Junkers Ju-87B-2 Trop. 'Stuka' Junkers Ju-87B-2 Trop. 'Stuka' Attack aircraft; Attack plane; Aircraft; Dive bombers; World War, 1939-1945--Aerial operations; Airplanes; Air transportation; The Junkers Ju-87B-2 Trop. 'Stuka' is a large gullwing-shaped German dive-bomber used during World War II. Its sides and upper surfaces are painted dark forest green with tan sand patterns. Black and white...

3. Washington Quarter, 1994 Washington Quarter, 1994 Coins; U.S. Mint; Mint mark A left-facing profile with LIBERTY overhead, IN GOD WE TRUST in tiny letters in front of Washington 19s image, and the date below. The Mint mark, D for Denver, appears on the right.

4. Map of CCC areas in the United States Map of CCC areas in the United States Civilian Conservation Corps; Conservation Corps; maps Map

5. Local Indian Traditions Local Indian Traditions Kickapoo Nation; Custer, Milo, 1880-; Bloomington, Illinois; Indians of North America Milo Custer's 1914 account of local indian traditions (7 pages).

6. Panya Ngombe Face Mask Panya Ngombe Face Mask Zaire; Africa; Masks; Emblems of office; Pende This triangular wood mask is nearly flat and painted all over with a reddish paint. A narrow band of alternating black and white triangles is painted along the outer edge of the face from eye to eye along...

7. Stadium Terrace, Champaign, Illinois Stadium Terrace, Champaign, Illinois Buildings; Champaign, Illinois; Education; Housing; Students Stadium Terrace, 1946: Temporary housing to accommodate post-war rush of students at the University of Illinois

8. New York Central Steam Locomotive #999; New York Central Steam Locomotive #999; Rail transportation; Railroads; Steam locomotives; New York City; Chicago, Illinois; Columbian Exposition; World records; Speed records The New York Central 999 steam locomotive and fuel car measure approximately sixteen feet tall, ten feet wide, and forty-eight feet long. The driving wheels are seven feet, two inches tall. The locomotive...

9. Boeing 727 Jetliner Boeing 727 Jetliner Airplanes; Jets; Jetliners; Air transportation; Aircraft; Commercial air travel The Boeing 727 passenger jet is thirty-four feet tall, 137 feet long, with a wingspan of 110 feet. When the plane is empty it weighs 80,602 pounds; at full capacity with crew, passengers, and cargo, it...

10. Benz Velo Automobile Benz Velo Automobile Automobiles; Automobiles--Germany; Cars; Land transportation; Benz, Bertha; Benz, Carl, 1884-1929; Inventions; Motorized buggy; Transportation The Benz Velo is a motorized two-passenger buggy. Its engine is situated in a box behind the seats. The auto has four wheels with spokes, the back two are 35.5 and the front two are twenty-three inches....

11. Blickensderfer Typewriter No. 5 Blickensderfer Typewriter No. 5 Typewriters; World's Fair; Columbian Exposition; Stamford, Connecticut; A portable manual typewriter (in original carrying case), 'Blickensderfer No. 5 Stamford Conn. U.S.A.' Ideal keyboard, with type-wheel, black keys with white letters. No. 58627.

12. Schoenheider Standing Mallard Drake Ice Decoy Schoenheider Standing Mallard Drake Ice Decoy Decoys; Ducks; Carving; Hunting; Illinois River; Schoenheider, Charles, Sr., 1854-1944 A standing mallard duck ice decoy with a painted two part body, glass eyes and supported by a single iron leg with splayed foot. The head is green with a long yellow beak, the body is painted brown with...

13. Candlestick, Miner's Candlestick, Miner's Coal; Natural resources; Mining; Environment; Miners; Light; Wrought iron miner's candlestick with adjustable candle holder and spike for driving into the wall of a mine.

14. Granger Protest Meeting Granger Protest Meeting McLean County, Illinois; Farmers' groups; Farming; Protest movements; Railroads; Sketches This sketch shows a protest meeting of Grangers shown in the History of the Grange Movement.

15. Let's finish the job, experienced seamen needed Let's finish the job, experienced seamen needed World War II; War posters, American; Merchant Marine--United States; World War, 1939-1945--United States; Poster, color, 20 x 28 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office

16. V18440--Loading a Whaleback Ship, Chicago, Ill. V18440--Loading a Whaleback Ship, Chicago, Ill. Chicago, Illinois; Whalebacks Black and white stereograph slide depicting the loading of grain into a whaleback boat.

17. Ideal Composition Doll Ideal Composition Doll United States; Composition dolls; American pop culture; Ideal Toy Company; Popular doll materials; U.S. toy industry This doll is comprised of a composition head and hands on a cloth body which contains a squeeze mechanism. The head has brown glued on hair. The face has sleeping blue eyes, painted on eyebrows, pink tinted...

18. Gas Valve and Burner Fitting Gas Valve and Burner Fitting United States; Electricity; Gas lighting; American inventions This fitting is made of cast brass and has fleur-de-les ornamentation. A pipe with a threaded socket screw connects the fitting.

19. Sierra Leone Sowei Helmet Mask Sierra Leone Sowei Helmet Mask Sierra Leone; Africa; Ritual objects; Masks; Mende culture; Sande society; Helmets Dark wooden carved helmet mask with long braids of human hair attached with string to holes along the lower edge. A small, diamond-shaped face with almond-shaped eyes is carved in relatively low relief...

20. Nigerian Drum Nigerian Drum Nigeria; Africa; Sculptures; Musical instruments Carved wooden male figure kneels on short disk and supports a cylindrical hollow drum on his head and hands. Large eyes, a wide nose and closed mouth are carved on the face. The figure wears a simple loincloth....
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