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1. Sierra Leone Sowei Helmet Mask Sierra Leone Sowei Helmet Mask Sierra Leone; Africa; Ritual objects; Masks; Mende culture; Sande society; Helmets Dark wooden carved helmet mask with long braids of human hair attached with string to holes along the lower edge. A small, diamond-shaped face with almond-shaped eyes is carved in relatively low relief...

2. Ghana Asipim (Chief's Chair) Ghana Asipim (Chief's Chair) Ghana; Africa; Ceremonies; Festivals; Furniture; Chairs; Seat furniture; Akan culture Low chair made of wood with short, straight legs, four stretchers, a straight but slightly angled short back. The top rail of the back rises to a high curve; there are tall brass finials at each end. All...

3. Illinois Central Locomotive, The 'Mississipi' Illinois Central Locomotive, The 'Mississipi' Railroads; Locomotives; Illinois Central Railroad; Steam locomotives; Rail transportation; World's Fair; Columbian Exposition; A Century of Progress; Civil War; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865; Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, Illinois; The 'Mississippi' is a relatively small locomotive, even for its day. The locomotive's smokestack is twelve feet high, seven feet wide, and fourteen feet long. Behind the locomotive's engine is a flatcar...

4. 1914 Model T Ford 1914 Model T Ford Automobiles; Cars; Land transportation; Detroit, Michigan A black, four-passenger, three-door car, with a black leather top, a two-piece folding windshield, and four black leather seats. On the exterior are two running boards, two headlights, one rear lantern-shaped...

5. Junkers Ju-87B-2 Trop. 'Stuka' Junkers Ju-87B-2 Trop. 'Stuka' Attack aircraft; Attack plane; Aircraft; Dive bombers; World War, 1939-1945--Aerial operations; Airplanes; Air transportation; The Junkers Ju-87B-2 Trop. 'Stuka' is a large gullwing-shaped German dive-bomber used during World War II. Its sides and upper surfaces are painted dark forest green with tan sand patterns. Black and white...

6. Home Insurance Building Window Frame Home Insurance Building Window Frame Window frames; Steel; Cast ironwork A window frame from between the third and fourth floors of the Home Insurance Building. It is made of steel and cast iron.
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