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1. Tile, Drainage Tile, Drainage Drainage; Farming; Farmers; Agriculture; History; Champaign County, Illinois Long Ceramic Field Tile. Trumpet-shaped with flared end at the bottom. Tapererd with an enlarged ring and narrow fitting rim on the other end. Hand thrown.

2. Bedkey and Folding Bed Bedkey and Folding Bed Bed, Folding; Log cabins; Bedkey; Pioneers; Settlers; Westward movement; Sleep tight! Bedkey and folding rope bed

3. Local Indian Traditions Local Indian Traditions Kickapoo Nation; Custer, Milo, 1880-; Bloomington, Illinois; Indians of North America Milo Custer's 1914 account of local indian traditions (7 pages).

4. Native American Bandolier Bag Native American Bandolier Bag Pouch; Bags; Native American; Indians of North America; Beads; Celebrations; Decorations; Bandoliers A bandolier bag is a large pouch with a long continuous strap. This one is made of deerskin. The panel between the strap and pouch is covered with black velvet. Along the bottom edge are wool yarn tassels...

5. Native American Moccasins (pair) Native American Moccasins (pair) Footwear; Moccasins; Clothing & dress; Apparel; Native American; Indians of North America; Shoes; Leather; Algonquin Moccasins are footwear made of leather. This pair has soft deerskin uppers and hardened rawhide soles; they are stitched entirely by hand. The uppers are decorated with white, red and blue beads sewn on...

6. Painting: Coastal Sunset and Mountains Painting: Coastal Sunset and Mountains Painting; Seascape; Oil on canvas; Folk art; Krans, Olof, 1838-1916; Immigrants A painting of a sun setting beyond a mountainous coastline with a number of boats hugging shore on right. Black and white birds perch on a group of large rocks extending into the picture from the left...

7. Wooden Water Pipe Wooden Water Pipe Water; Pipes; Water supply; Water system; Plumbing; Chicago, Illinois; This water pipe is two sections of hollowed-out wooden logs connected by a smaller wooden tube that bisects the center of each log. The dimensions of the two large wooden logs are ten inches in diameter....

8. Bolduc House, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri Bolduc House, Ste. Genevieve, Missouri French Colonial District; French Colonial Period; Ste. Genevieve, Missouri; Vertical log construction; Bolduc, Louis The Bolduc House has a stockade or property fence (pieux debouts), typical of many French homes, which encloses its yard and backyard garden, as well as outbuildings. This provided security and kept domestic...

9. Isaac and Cassandra Funk Isaac and Cassandra Funk Funk, Isaac, 1797-1865; Funk, Cassandra; Funk's Grove, Illinois; McLean County, Illinois Isaac and Cassandra Funk were important early settlers of McLean County.

10. Cutter, Sugar Cutter, Sugar Sugar; Pioneers; Cookery; Food; Sugar cutter made from iron with a wooden handle. Made by AK and Sons.

11. Late Paleolithic Holcombe Point Late Paleolithic Holcombe Point Ice Age; Paleo Indians; Stone Age; Arms & armament; Settlers Late Paleolithic Holcombe projectile point found in Dale Township.

12. Trade Axe Trade Axe Kickapoo Nation; Equipment; Axes; Indians of North America This trade axe was manufactured by white settlers and traded to the Kickapoo.

13. Scissors Scissors Kickapoo Nation; Equipment; Commerce; Scissors & shears; Indians of North America These iron scissors were manufactured by white settlers and traded with the Kickapoo.

14. Gun Lock Plate Gun Lock Plate Kickapoo Nation; Equipment; Commerce; Firearms; This gun lock plate is made of iron. It was a trade item - white settlers traded the gun plate to the Kickapoo.

15. Snowbirds Snowbirds Settlers; McLean County, Illinois Survivors of the severe winters called themselves "Snowbirds", and they would meet annually to relive their memories.

16. Landscape with Birch Trees Landscape with Birch Trees Transportation; French Colonial Period; Fur trade; Voyageurs; Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909 Drawing by Frederic Remington. Paper birch trees grow well in the cool climate of the upper Great Lakes. The bark, which peels off in large sheets, can be used to make canoes.

17. Pass in the Raccoon Range, No. 1 Pass in the Raccoon Range, No. 1 United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Campaigns; United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Pictorial Works Reproduction of a black and white photograph of the Pass in the Raccoon Range, No. 1. Source: Barnard, George N. Photographic Views of Sherman's Campaign, Embracing Scenes of the Occupation of Nashville,...

18. Karr Homestead, Bloomington, Illinois Karr Homestead, Bloomington, Illinois McLean County, Illinois; Homesteading; Pioneers; Frontier & pioneer life; Farms; Fences; The Karr homestead near Bloomington, photographed about 1885, shows an example of what pioneer field and fences were like.

19. Delaware Village in Federal Land Survey Delaware Village in Federal Land Survey McLean County, Illinois; Villages; Maps; Measured drawings; The Federal Land Surveyors recorded a Delaware village near the Mackinaw River. The area west of the village is where John Thompson planted his first crop in 1829.

20. Corn Mortar Corn Mortar McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Frontier & pioneer life; Settlers; This corn mortar was used by early McLean County settler John Moore for pounding corn.
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