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1. Pioneer Zephyr Pioneer Zephyr Railroads; Rail transportation; Trains; Streamline design; Art Moderne; Art Deco; Diesel locomotives; World's Fair; A Century of Progress; Speed records; A streamlined stainless steel high-speed motor three-car train, powered by a 600 horsepower diesel engine. The train is 197 feet long. It weighs ninety-eight tons.

2. Home Insurance Building Window Frame Home Insurance Building Window Frame Window frames; Steel; Cast ironwork A window frame from between the third and fourth floors of the Home Insurance Building. It is made of steel and cast iron.

3. Spirit of America Racecar Spirit of America Racecar Racecars; Jet-powered racecars; Racing cars; Automobiles; World records; Speed records; Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah; Land transportation A jet-powered racecar. It has an elongated aerodynamic fuselage, which is supported by one large wheel in the front and two in back. The internal structure consists of welded tubular white metal welded...

4. Duesenberg Roadster J-200 Duesenberg Roadster J-200 Land transportation; Automobiles; Cars; Racing cars; Racecars; Des Moines, Iowa; A 1929 Duesenberg Roadster J-200 convertible two door, two-passenger automobile. The auto body is black with stainless steel trim and bumpers. The convertible top and four spoked tires are tan. There are...

5. Flint kit Flint kit Flint kit; Whale oil; Whale; Whaling; Lamps; Lighting device; Light; Steel; A small tin half cylinder with a sliding panel top. Inside the cylinder was stored small pieces of flint wrapped in cotton wadding. At the end of the tin cylinder is attached a steel wheel on which to...

6. Mitsubishi Stamping Mitsubishi Stamping McLean County, Illinois; Bloomington, Illinois; Stamping; Steel; Automobiles; Factories; Industry This is one of the five press lines in the stamping shop at Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America (MMMA) where coils of steel are stamped into body parts such as doors, hoods, and floor plans.

7. Orient Motor Buckboard Orient Motor Buckboard Automobiles; Cars; Transportation; Land transportation; World's Fair; St. Louis Exhibition; Patents; Waltham, Massachusetts A flat board automobile with an air-cooled engine in the rear, a tiller for steering, curved wooden cycle fenders, and four wooden wheels with wire spokes.

8. Seiko Television Watch Seiko Television Watch Watches; Wristwatches; Timekeeping tools and equipments; Television; Japan; Digital technology A wristwatch with a rectangular face and a stainless steel band. The face is divided into two sections. Across the top is a narrow digital time and date readout. The remainder of the face is the television...

9. Sears Motor Buggy, Model P Sears Motor Buggy, Model P Automobiles; Cars; Motorized buggy; Land transportation; Transportation; Chicago, Illinois The Sears, Roebuck and Co. Motor Buggy Model 'P' automobile seats four passengers. It has carriage wheels and a tiller for steering. The spring wagon body is made of pressed steel. The two-cylinder engine...

10. 1914 Model T Ford 1914 Model T Ford Automobiles; Cars; Land transportation; Detroit, Michigan A black, four-passenger, three-door car, with a black leather top, a two-piece folding windshield, and four black leather seats. On the exterior are two running boards, two headlights, one rear lantern-shaped...

11. John Luneen Souvenir Scrapbook John Luneen Souvenir Scrapbook Postcards; Scrapbooks; Columbian Exposition; World's Fair; Ferris wheels; Souvenirs; The John Luneen journal and souvenir scrapbook has forty-four pages. The front and back covers are covered with marbleized paper. The journal is filled with postcards, maps, and commercial fliers from...

12. Use it up, wear it out, make it do!; Our labor and our goods are fighting Use it up, wear it out, make it do!; Our labor and our goods are fighting World War, 1939-1945--Economic aspects--United States ; War posters, American ; World War II Poster, color, 16 x 22.5 in., published by the United States Government Printing Office

13. Dodge Business Sedan 1922 Dodge Business Sedan 1922 Automobiles--United States; Dodge--Automobile; Transportation; Cars; Advertising; Advertisements Drawing for an advertisement

14. Plow, Breaking Plow, Breaking Plowing; Champaign County, Illinois; Farming; Farmers; Prairies; Agriculture; Illinois; Wood and wrought iron plow. Long, tapered, and slightly curved wooden beam with "V" shaped handles attached to the back of the beam. Long dished iron blade held in place with a forged iron screw and iron...

15. Sweeper, Carpet Sweeper, Carpet Houses; Housework; Women; Bissel; Suburban life; Sweeping & dusting; Wooden long handled carpet sweeper with wooden handle. Rotating brush system attached to a steel roller. Four wheels in rotating assembly. Marked: "Bissel's Grand Rapids Cycoball Bearing".

16. Husking Hook Husking Hook McLean County, Illinois; Corn husking; Corn; Canvas; A corn husking hook was used to strip the ear from its outer covering. It attachs to the hand with canvas and maintains a sharp metal hook.
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