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1. 'Monta' Mower 'Monta' Mower Suburban life; Lawn mowing; Mowing machines; "Monta" mower. Long (48.25) inch wooden T-shaped handle attached to a metal cutting unit by one large bolt. Nine disk-shaped gears are mounted on a horizontal shaft and attached by two brackets, each with...

2. Scrimshaw whale teeth Scrimshaw whale teeth Whaling; Scrimshaw; Folk art; Folk art--United States; Whales; Whale; Ink; Engraving Photograph, b/w

3. Types of whales: Odontoceti or toothed cetaceans Types of whales: Odontoceti or toothed cetaceans Whales; Whaling; Whale Drawing, pen and ink

4. Japanese Bisque Happifat Doll Japanese Bisque Happifat Doll Japan; United States; Happifat dolls; American pop culture; Nippon dolls; Glandular diseases; Japanese doll industry Bisque molded doll. It is all one piece except for the moveable detached arms. The arms are moveable by means of a connected elastic thread. The face has painted eyes with eyelashes. The smiling open mouth...

5. Cloth Soldier Doll Cloth Soldier Doll Wellings, Norah, 1893-1975; Historic dolls; Soft toys; English toymakers; World War II; Memorabilia The cloth soldier doll has a stiffened felt head with painted brown hair, black eyes, white teeth, and pink cheeks. The doll is costumed in a brown felt cap with a brass button in front. The brown velvet...

6. Comb, Hair Comb, Hair Hair; Clothing & dress; Tortoise Shell; Women Dark brown and gold streaked hair comb. Eight long teeth, ornately carved crest with pierced and carved dragon design which wraps around itself. Scroll-vine design around the edge.

7. Reward Broadside Reward Broadside Slavery; Fugitive slaves; Civil War This notice states: "100 DOLLAR REWARD. Rannaway from the subscriber, on Monday, June 15, a negro woman, NELLY FORREST. She is about 45 years old, chunky built, large pouting mouth, good teeth, high cheekbones,...

8. Beebee's Patent Cure for Balkiness in Horses Advertisement Beebee's Patent Cure for Balkiness in Horses Advertisement McLean County, Illinois; Horses; Mules; Patents; Advertisements This is an ad for a patent to prevent balkiness in horses and mules. Balkiness is an unwillingness of the horse to move forward. Horses sometimes become balky due to physical ailments such as sharp teeth,...

9. Armand Marseille All-Bisque Infant Doll Armand Marseille All-Bisque Infant Doll Germany; United States; All-bisque dolls; German artistry; German dolls; American pop culture; Marseille, Armand (German Doll Manufacturer) A bisque head doll with 'sleepy eyes', an open mouth that has two applied teeth in red lips. It has pink cheeks and brown hair which is brush stroked. The body of the doll is jointed with moveable arms...

10. Ideal Composition Doll Ideal Composition Doll United States; Composition dolls; American pop culture; Ideal Toy Company; Popular doll materials; U.S. toy industry This doll is comprised of a composition head and hands on a cloth body which contains a squeeze mechanism. The head has brown glued on hair. The face has sleeping blue eyes, painted on eyebrows, pink tinted...
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