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1. Homemade Cloth Dolls Homemade Cloth Dolls United States; Flappers; Raggedy Ann and Andy; Homemade toys; American cloth dolls The cloth girl doll on the left is thought to be homemade. She wears a dress and cap of red and white stripes with blue trim. The cap has a blue feather on the right side. The dress has white sleeves trimmed...

2. Ideal Composition Doll Ideal Composition Doll United States; Composition dolls; American pop culture; Ideal Toy Company; Popular doll materials; U.S. toy industry This doll is comprised of a composition head and hands on a cloth body which contains a squeeze mechanism. The head has brown glued on hair. The face has sleeping blue eyes, painted on eyebrows, pink tinted...

3. Local Indian Traditions Local Indian Traditions Kickapoo Nation; Custer, Milo, 1880-; Bloomington, Illinois; Indians of North America Milo Custer's 1914 account of local indian traditions (7 pages).

4. Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Civil War Regiment Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Civil War Regiment Civil War; African American; Augustus Saint Gaudens Relief sculpture by Augustus Saint Gaudens shows Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

5. Negative, Glass-plate Negative, Glass-plate Illinois; Clothing & dress; Champaign County, Illinois; Photography; Childhood & youth; Education; Wright, Zay; Partial glass plate negative. Picture of Zay Wright in the yard standing under a tree. She is dressed in a white ruffled mid-length dress. She's wearing white sandals with heels, stockings, and has a large...

6. Lincoln-Hamlin political banner Lincoln-Hamlin political banner Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Hamlin, Hannibal, 1809-1891; Political campaign; Election; 1860; Banners Handsewn Lincoln-Hamlin banner, resembling a reversed U.S. flag. 13 red & white stripes alternate, beginning and ending with white. Dark blue field in upper right corner. Printed on middle white stripes:...

7. D.L. White Farmhouse and English Barn D.L. White Farmhouse and English Barn McLean County, Illinois; Hedges (Plants); Farmhouses; Windmills; The D.L. White farmhouse is a central hall I-House.

8. White House portico White House portico United States; Government facilities; Politics & Government; White House; Washington, D.C.; Visitors to the White House are seen exiting by way of the north portico.

9. White House White House United States; White House; Washington, D.C.; Presidents; The White House seen from the south.

10. Native American Doll Native American Doll Toys; Dolls; Native American; Children; Playthings; Entertainment; Indians of North America This girl doll is made of buckskin. She is dressed in a tan buckskin dress with fringe at the sides, bottom and sleeves. The dress is decorated with lines of white beads sewn just above the bottom fringe,...

11. Panya Ngombe Face Mask Panya Ngombe Face Mask Zaire; Africa; Masks; Emblems of office; Pende This triangular wood mask is nearly flat and painted all over with a reddish paint. A narrow band of alternating black and white triangles is painted along the outer edge of the face from eye to eye along...

12. Altgeld Hall, Urbana, Illinois Altgeld Hall, Urbana, Illinois Urbana, Illinois; Buildings; Education; Libraries; Mathematics 1409 W. Green Street, Urbana. Built in 1897, the architects for Altgeld Hall were Nathan C. Ricker and James M. White.

13. View Southwest from the First Pylon, Temple of Luxor View Southwest from the First Pylon, Temple of Luxor Temples; Luxor, Egypt Black and white stereograph slide, T 237 from Tour of the World, vol 5 and 6.

14. Spirit of America Racecar Spirit of America Racecar Racecars; Jet-powered racecars; Racing cars; Automobiles; World records; Speed records; Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah; Land transportation A jet-powered racecar. It has an elongated aerodynamic fuselage, which is supported by one large wheel in the front and two in back. The internal structure consists of welded tubular white metal welded...

15. Schoenheider Standing Mallard Drake Ice Decoy Schoenheider Standing Mallard Drake Ice Decoy Decoys; Ducks; Carving; Hunting; Illinois River; Schoenheider, Charles, Sr., 1854-1944 A standing mallard duck ice decoy with a painted two part body, glass eyes and supported by a single iron leg with splayed foot. The head is green with a long yellow beak, the body is painted brown with...

16. The Travel Air Model R 'Mystery Ship' Texaco No. 13 monoplane The Travel Air Model R 'Mystery Ship' Texaco No. 13 monoplane A monoplane, which set hundreds of cross country flight records in the 1930s. The pilot was Frank Hawks. It competed in the 1930 Chicago National Air Races. 'Texaco 13' was originally purchased by the...

17. Patriotic ribbon Patriotic ribbon Patriotism; Celebrations; Fourth of July celebrations; Gifford, Illinois; Patriotic ribbon in red, white, and blue. Bow at the top with one white, red, and blue streamer. Red streamer has the following inscription: "July 4th 1908, Daisy Hickman, Gifford, '08".

18. Commemorative Ribbon Commemorative Ribbon Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Funeral; Assassinations White silk ribbon wound on round wooden core. Extremely fragile. Diam. 2 3/8".

19. Pier table, belonging to Abraham Lincoln Pier table, belonging to Abraham Lincoln Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Victorian; Furniture; Furnishings; Table Empire-style marble topped table. Scroll-top legs and lower shelf, terminating in scroll feet and white porcelain casters. Front legs are canted at 45 degree angle, back legs parallel to wall. White marble...

20. Postcard of the Lincoln Home (southwest view) Postcard of the Lincoln Home (southwest view) Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865; Home; Postcards; Mail Black and white photograph of the Lincoln Home from the southwest. House is white with black shutters. Large flagpole in corner behind fence. Lattice-type porch encloses front door. Square metal plaque...
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