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1. Print: Loading Corn Print: Loading Corn Prints; Lithographs; Landscape; American Regionalism; Benton, Thomas H., 1889-1975; Corn; Harvesting; Carts & wagons A print of two workers loading harvested corn onto a mule drawn wagon amidst five shocks of corn stalks, probably late afternoon. A stream is visible in the right foreground. More fields rise in the middle-ground...

2. Painting: Corn with Pumpkin Painting: Corn with Pumpkin Painting; Still-life; Oil on canvas; Montgomery, Alfred, 1857-1922; Corn A painting with large ears of yellow corn spilling onto a wooden floor from a wooden barrel, a wooden box and patched gunny sack also contain corn. A large shovel rests on the open box. A pumpkin sits...

3. Print: Fertility Print: Fertility Iowa; Landscape; Prints; American Regionalism; Wood, Grant, 1891-1942; Lithographs; Farm life; Corn; Barns; Silos; Farmhouses A print of a black and white stylized view of a farmstead including ripening rows of corn, a large barn with silo and a small farmhouse. Dimensions are 9" x 12".

4. Advertisement of Detasselers Advertisement of Detasselers McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Advertisements; World War II; Women Advertisement and photograph of detasselers during World War II.

5. Rural Schools - Corn Exhibit Rural Schools - Corn Exhibit McLean County, Illinois; Education; Agriculture; Corn; Classrooms; Teachers The corn on the desks was exhibited at The County Teachers' Institute on Dec. 17, 1909. The school was in Normal, Illinois.

6. Maize Illustration Maize Illustration McLean County, Illinois; Maize; Corn; The first illustration of maize in the herbals from De Historia Stirpium of Leonhard Fuchs.

7. The Heart of the Cornbelt book cover The Heart of the Cornbelt book cover McLean County, Illinois; Books; Book covers; Farming; Farmers; Corn; Frontier & pioneer life; This cover from The Heart of the Cornbelt: An Illustrated History of Corn Farming in McLean County by William D. Walters Jr. covers corn farming from Native Americans to present.

8. Recovered Indian Corn Fragments Recovered Indian Corn Fragments McLean County, Illinois; Kickapoo; Archaeological sites; Corn; Indians of North America Fragments of corn recovered from the Grand Village of the Kickapoo in 1972.

9. Early Moldboard Plow Early Moldboard Plow McLean County, Illinois; Plows; Corn; This early moldboard plow was used to open new land for cornfields in spring.

10. Marking Cornfield Marking Cornfield McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Farming; Farmers; This drawing of a hand-held planter shows a farmer planting in evenly-marked spaces.

11. Rail Corn Crib Rail Corn Crib McLean County, Illinois; Corn cribs; Storage facilities; Rail corn cribs like this one, photographed about 1910, were popular forms of early pioneer corn storage.

12. Gable Roof Corn Crib Gable Roof Corn Crib McLean County, Illinois; Corn cribs; Agricultural facilities; Gables; Corn cribs like this were built for more than a hundred years in McLean County and were among the most valuable structures on many farms.

13. Slatted Corn Crib bins Slatted Corn Crib bins McLean County, Illinois; Corn cribs; Storage facilities; Farms; Bins at either side of corn cribs were designed to hold ear corn.

14. Archaeologists at Noble-Wieting, Illinois Archaeologists at Noble-Wieting, Illinois McLean County, Illinois; Archaeological sites; Maize; Corn; Kickapoo; Archaeology; Indians of North America Illinois State University students study the remains at the Noble-Wieting archaeological site in 1972, a former Indian mound in McLean County. The site is in Heyworth, Illinois.

15. Single Pen Corn Crib Single Pen Corn Crib McLean County, Illinois; Corn cribs; Storage facilities; Many corn crib forms were possible for corn storage. This is a single crib.

16. Corn Mortar Corn Mortar McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Frontier & pioneer life; Settlers; This corn mortar was used by early McLean County settler John Moore for pounding corn.

17. Flint Corn Flint Corn McLean County, Illinois; corn; Flint corn was praised by early farmers for its ability to withstand wind and weather, but it was not well regarded as livestock feed.

18. Corn Sheller Advertisement Corn Sheller Advertisement McLean County, Illinois; Corn husking; Corn; Advertisements This is an ad for a corn sheller, which would provide feed by removing kernels from the cob.

19. Cultivating Corn Cultivating Corn McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Weeds; Horses A farmer cultivates his field behind two horses in this drawing.

20. Corn Plant Drawing Corn Plant Drawing McLean County, Illinois; Corn; Sketches; Sketch of a corn plant.
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